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Frost Mage PvP: 102 – Spell Penetration and Resilience(22)

March 3, 2010

We’ve already cover some of the basics in Frost Mage PvP: 101, now let us get into more details about what else we need to know. The stats you need for PvP is a little bit different from PvE. Of course you will still need Spell Power, Crit, Haste, and Hit; but now you will [...]

Frost Mage PvP: 102 – Spell Penetration and Resilience

Frost Mage PvP: 101

Welcome to introductory class to Frost Mage PvP! This will cover the very basics of what you need to know about PvPing as a Frost Mage. I will making additional posts to cover the different aspects of PvP. You can’t learn it all in one post! I’ve gotten a few emails about PvPing, so this [...]

Frost Mage PvE: Gunship Battle

After defeating Lady Deathwhisper, you make your way up the Lower Spires of the Icecrown Citadel to reach the next level. On your way, you run into the opposing faction, and at one point the Alliance’s “Skybreaker” and the Horde’s “Ogrim’s Hammer” will battle and race each other to the second level of the Icecrown [...]

Frost Mage PvE: Solo Farming ICC Rep

Frost Mage PvE: Solo Farming ICC Rep

With the latest raid released with Patch 3.3, players will finally get to confront Arthas in the Icecrown Citadel. In the new 10 and 25 man raid, players can earn reputation with the Ashen Verdict faction while killing trash and bosses in the dungeon. Like some of the previous raid dungeons before (AQ, Kara, and [...]

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