Ghost Hit Gone for Wrath

Yep, the advantage that Frost Mages had over Fire Mages in the Spell Hit column will be gone with the release of Wrath of the Lich King or possibly the next patch coming this Tuesday. The Ghost Hit was the extra Spell Hit Frost Mages recieved, which gave them an extra 3% Spell Hit from Elemental Precision. Soon, it will be gone.

I haven’t gotten the chance myself to test out the Ghost Hit with a level 80 Mage and a boss level target dummy, but there was someone who did. Credit goes to Tashire of (US) Baelgun for testing it out for the Mage Community. We thank you.

The weapon of choice for this test was a level 80 Gnome named Gnova. She has 106 Spell Hit Rating, which is around 4% Spell Hit in WotLK. Also in WotLK, you can reach 100% Spell Hit, not like current WoW with 99% Spell Hit. So for a boss level target (+3 levels) you will need 17% Spell Hit to reach the cap in WotLK.

So with 4% Spell Hit from gear, and with Elemental Precision, we should see a 7% Resist rate if Ghost Hit still exist, or a 10% Resist rate if the Ghost Hit is gone.

As you can see, Gnova cast 1000 Frostbolts to test out the resist rate, a nice big number of spell casting to work with. Gnova ended up with having a 10% resist rate, which shows us that Frostbolt isn’t receiving an extra 3% Spell Hit from Elemental Precision.

It was also stated by the guys at ElitistJerks that the Ghost Hit is gone.

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  • krizzlybear said:

    Is this removal of ghost hit going to occur with 3.0? Or is it just Wrath?

    krizzlybears last blog post..OH, SNAP!

  • Tuna (Author) said:

    I can’t say for sure. PTR is down already with the patch coming out very soon, and I haven’t gotten the chance to test it with some bug with WotLK Beta testers not being able to go onto PTR. I haven’t read anything about it either on the forums or elsewhere. With the release of new Talents tomorrow and the way raid buffs will be working tomorrow, you shouldn’t have much problems being hit capped without the Ghost Hit. I still kept some hit gear in case this ever happened.

  • TXSundevil said:

    Thanks for your answer bout this in a previous post, and thank you very much for sharing GNova’s findings. It’s a shame, but I think we knew it would come someday, and like you I have a few extra items to keep up the hit rating, and really not sacrifice a whole lot in stats or spellpower.

    off topic – “hehe i do that alot lately” in your RAF adventures throw a warrior into the mix Tuna, playing with mine specced prot last night (my org. wow char, the real “main” if you will) I never say this…but….ZOMG! *looks cautiously up waiting for “THE STICK”

    Thanks again for answering a question I know alot of us without beta access had on our minds…..alright, off for the day, time to pull out Xaanar, my frostie, and get him kicking….todays gonna be a great day!


  • theeriver said:

    Another blow against the frost mage.

    theerivers last blog post..Video Friday


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