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Frost Mage PvP: 101

Welcome to introductory class to Frost Mage PvP! This will cover the very basics of what you need to know about PvPing as a Frost Mage. I will making additional posts to cover the different aspects of PvP. You can’t learn it all in one post! I’ve gotten a few emails about PvPing, so this [...]

One Down, Nine More to Go

I am down to my final ten mounts til I get the Mountain o’ Mounts Achievement, so I’m trying make these final ten mounts be ones I really want- or at least are good ones. My number ten mount is: Turbostrider I wanted this mount mainly because it looked cool with my PvP gear. Then [...]

Crashing the Lunar Festival Again

I already had all my achievements done last year, so this year I didn’t bother running all around Azeroth to honor the Elders. I just did the two starter quests which gives you the teleportation stone to Moonglade. Once there, I remembered what I did last year, and figured, why the heck not? Dragon Dance [...]

36 Minute Arena Match

The beginning of all my Arena Sessions usually start with, “Let’s do our 10 games for the week!” That leads to, “Let’s keep Arena’ing til 7pm!” On good days it leads to, “Let’s get XXXX rating so we can get our next piece of gear! We’re so close!” Sometimes it ends up with, “OMG let’s [...]

Season 8 Arena: Week One

The first week of Arena with my new Rogue partner was very fun. It felt really good to participate in Arena matches again. All these feelings I’ve had the last time I arena’d are coming back to me- and I’ve missed them all. The rush of ending a match only a few seconds into the [...]

Over 1000 Resilience

So what did I do with all that Honor I farmed during the first two weeks of Season 8? New Wrathful gear! There are a couple of pieces you can pick up with just Honor that doesn’t have a Arena Rating Requirement on them. I made sure to pick them all up! Patch 3.2 gave [...]

Back into PvP Mode

When Patch 3.3.2 was released, it marked the beginning of Season 8 of Arena- which will also be the last season of the Wrath of the Lich King Expansion. It also gave me a new reason to start PvPing again, and more reason to kill Horde. 107k Honor in one day! Since I am now [...]

Frost Mage PvE: Gunship Battle

After defeating Lady Deathwhisper, you make your way up the Lower Spires of the Icecrown Citadel to reach the next level. On your way, you run into the opposing faction, and at one point the Alliance’s “Skybreaker” and the Horde’s “Ogrim’s Hammer” will battle and race each other to the second level of the Icecrown [...]

Year of the Tiger: So Far So Good

Year of the Tiger: So Far So Good

Happy (Lunar) New Years to those of you out there who celebrate it. 2010 is the year of the Tiger and like the title says, so far so good. I got to visit family and friends, collected some Red Envelopes, visited a temple, and bought one of those scratch off lottery tickets to test my [...]