Housing in World of Warcraft

I recently re-activated one of my old account of an old MMO (gasp, I know!) I used to play. It was a game I was highly addicted to back in my college days that rhymes with “sminal smantasy smeleven”. Anyways, playing the game for a few hours, it got me wondering about Player Housing, and how it would work in the World of Warcraft.

Who would use it? A lot of players would use it. From the casual player, to the hardcore raider, to the arena masters. There is a demand for player housing. There are threads about housing in the WoW Forums. It isn’t something we NEED, but it would be something nice that could be implemented.

Where to put Housing?

There could be a number of places you could put player housing. If Blizzard wants to make them race specific, then we can visit each capital. For Humans, we have the new Stormwind Harbor area that looks to be a great place where you can add housing. They can make like a small road that goes off into an instance- much like going to Old Stratholme in the Caverns of Time.

For Ironforge, the Dwarves still have the yet unexplored Old Ironforge area beneath the capital they could expand upon. There’s that mysterious vault door in the King’s room…

For Gnomes… maybe they should fight their way back into Gnomeregan and retake their city already. I mean, c’mon- you’re level 80 already, and the lepper Gnomes are like lvl 35 elites. Do something about it.

Nighelves can expand their homes up into the trees on Darnasus. For the Draenei race, I’ve seen areas in Exodar where they’re digging in caves with crystals and stuff. Maybe dig an area so your heroes have a place to stay?

For the Horde? Sorry buddies, I don’t know much about your capitals except that I got lost as hell trying to sneak in to douse your flames.

Player Housing

What would having your own house do for you? I don’t know about you, but for me, it would give me a place to free up a lot of my inventory. Instead of storing some of those unused gear you are keeping for sentimental value in the bank, you can instead store it in your own home- in your own dresser. Player housing should be accessible account-wide.

Each piece of furniture could add more Housing Inventory Slots depending on the furnishing. For example, small dressers gives 4 extra slots, big dressers gives 6 extra slots. Heck if you don’t care how your house looks, fill it up with dressers and give yourself a lot of extra storage space!

Speaking of furniture, you would have your own bed! Think of how you get rested XP while leveling up. Now imaging how much more rested XP you would have if you slept in your own bed instead of at an inn. The better quality the bed, the more rested XP you get. Or even better yet, some bed could give you a buff (increase Attack/Spell Power) for a certain amount of time.

Also having access to your bank would be nice to have, but wouldn’t make sense- but having your own mailbox sounds good.

Guild Housing

Guild Halls would work similar to Player Housing, except it would be accessible by all Guild Members. The extra storage space will just add onto the Guild Bank space, and you should be able to access the Guild Bank from the Guild Hall.

The Guild Hall will also keep track of your PvE progression. Which bosses were killed and when. Did you ever notice the book of records outside of the Vault of Archivon instance? Maybe have a book of records for each Guild.

Killed Onyxia? Have her head hanging in your Guild Hall as display for your victory! Have someone in your guild with the Twin Blades of Azzinoth? Have it displayed for all to see. Recruiting for the Guild would be easier with all the Guild accomplishments are there to bee seen.

Woodworking Profession

With the introduction of Housing in the World of Warcraft, a new crafting profession would be needed. Carpenters would be able to craft furniture out of lumber. They would be able to create beds, chairs, dressers, bookshelves- the possibilities are endless!

You could craft and nice broom, then have an enchanter, well enchant it, and you have yourself a flying broom mount!! Wait, Tailors didn’t need Enchanters to make their magic carpet did they?

Make a mannequin, and use it to show off some of your gear. My 8 piece Netherwind Set won’t be wasting space in my Bank anymore! Now that I think of it, a lot of my bank space is wasted on old tier sets.

Ooh a weapon rack too, to show off all your weapons. I know a bunch of you Warriors out there have a ton of weapons saved up because they look cool. Yes you with the Thunderfury.

What about for PvE or PvP? Well you could craft weapons in the form of Bows, or Polearms. Then there could be Shields and Arrows you could make. Instead of the small Basic Campfire, you could make a huge bonfire that would give you more than just 4 Spirit. How does 40 Spirit sound?

I’ll take that for a raid or for PvP. Maybe it can also increase your Frost Resistance too! Wait… I wouldn’t like that… scratch that idea.

Lumbering Profession

You can’t have the Woodworking profession without a gathering profession to go along with it. From the starting zones, to the newest areas in Northrend, there are all sorts of trees founds. Let’s cut them down to make new beds!

Gathering them would be like any other gathering profession. Find tree on your mini-map, walk up to tree with your ax, and chop away. It will be similar to the repeatable Argent Crusade daily, Jack Me Some Lumber. You will then be able to cut them at a Lumber Mill for Woodworkers to use.


You could tie in achievements to stuff you can unlock for your house. Got the achievement for collecting 25 tabards? You get an furnishing which displays your tabards in your house. Read all the books for Well Read and Higher Learning? You get a special bookshelf which allows you to re-read each book whenever you please!

Obtain the Gladiator title in arena? Show off your accomplishment in the form of a trophy or banner. Were you the one on your server to open the Gates of AQ? You’ll have your very own gong to go along with that title!

This would give players something a bit more rewarding for completing these achievements, don’t you think?


So Why Don’t We Have Housing?

Well I’m sure Blizzard is very busy doing work on more important things like improving Frost Mage DPS in PvE, so cut them some slack. Plus this would be a feature that the fans WANT, not NEED. It would be something cool that would add to our WoW experience.

How awesome would it be if you were a Hunter and you find your other 2 pets waiting for you when you get home? More stuff for Roleplayers out there too! You can invite players over, and… show off your Wizard Hat!

Ooh I just thought of something cool. They should have a world event where the Mages of the server can all gather on Dalaran to start some power ritual. Upon completion (enough Mages channeling), it would instantly teleport all non-Mages off of Dalaran, and put up a barrier preventing any access to the city unless you are a Mage. Forget player housing, we got Class Housing!

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  • Angry Raider said:

    Sounds a lot like the housing in EverQuest II. Houses are instanced in the major cities, carpenters make furniture, and woodworkers make bows and staves. Some raid bosses drop their heads, which you can put in your guild halls in statue form. And of course there are mannequins (female and male, different races too) to show off all your hard-earned raid gear and mythical weapon.

    It is very awesome, but do you really think it would work in WoW? I mean, the experience in EQ2 is organic; it’s been there since the beginning. How could Blizz do it in WoW without making it feel tacked on? Seems like it’d require a ton of coding, too.

  • jorani said:

    To me there are lots aspects

    store “all” your crafting crap, or, herbs, gems etc. everything in one place, accessible by all toons (alliance and horde, lets small side have big side prices).
    professions – in your hall/house there are “:apprentices”. they know everything any of your profession toons/alts know, and use the matts in your storage!! yay, no more changing toons transferring stuff from place to place!! woot.
    trophy case for old classic weapons, the possibilities are endless


  • Salandor said:

    It would be nice, shame it is just a dream :)

    @Angry Rider

    is MMORPG almost all games have something in common,

  • Naïve said:

    I’ve discussed the whole player housing myself earlier, as it somehow was a pretty hot topic a few months ago. As even after reading a lot of good arguments for it, I’m not convinced. Why? Because I love the cities when they’re filled with life. Hardcore raiders showing off their fancy mounts and gear outside of the AH, looney characters running around naked in the streets. That’s a part of WoW for me. If that hardcore raider sits inside his own little place to polish his armor, and that little nude kid decides to strip down alone, a lot of the charm this game has would be lost. I do however support the idea of guild halls. It would bring people together more than separating them, and could be fun at late night with my hyperactive guild.

  • Bored Mage said:

    I love this idea and it is so doable for Blizzard’s developers. They already have enough exaples of halls / rooms / houses that new models would not have to be crafted from scratch, not even textures. Blizzard has already mentioned the possibility of expanding the banks and the number of slots available to players.

    They could make it similar to mounts:

    Level 20 – get an appartment in a dorm for 50 Gold
    Level 40 – move up to a townhouse for 250 Gold
    Level 60 – move into your own house for 1000 Gold
    Level 80 – move to a bigger home in a better part of town for 5000 Gold

    They could even sell it as an “expansion” to the game.

    I honestly think this would keep some people online who otherwise would simply stop their subscription.

  • Keiralysse said:

    If they did that I would be afraid I’d spend even more time on the game, lol.

    New vanity pets – the French Maid and the Butler!

  • Rodrigo said:

    Can I get new dance moves too?

  • Ebo said:

    Sure, player housing would be great until all the paladins move out of town and the housing bubble collapses.

  • skarrde said:

    Hmm could even use the instance window they have between trade quarter and old town in SW. Would imagine there would be a few more. Interesting thing is how do you let other people in your house? Or would you just take a pic of it and post it on the net that way?

  • Flash said:

    I would like this a lot. I am sick of all the class balancing and I’m sick of raids and pvp. Sure fishing cooking etc gives you something else to do, but it gets kinda boring after a while to do the same thing over and over and over again. Whatever you do in wow it feels like you have to repeat it 100 times before it’s done. I understand this would be close to impossible for blizzard to implement but something close to this should be possible! At the moment it feels like class balancing and tuning is everything you do let it be a little unfair its not like the “underpowered” classes will disappear..

  • Sanctos said:

    I think that its a great idea. Even way back from EQ1, they had the instanced guild houses that had a recovery pool, reagent vendors, portals to certain plages via spellstones… it was great.

    I’ve been waiting for wow to do the same for a long time… tacked on? Who cares.. I’d get over it after a while.. :) I need a closet to stick all my tabards in. >.<

    @ jorani : When you said:

    “store “all” your crafting crap, or, herbs, gems etc. everything in one place, accessible by all toons (alliance and horde, lets small side have big side prices).”

    did you mean have tradeskill available to ALL your toons (both horde and alliance) ? If so, I would strongly argue against this feature.

  • Wolfshead said:

    Nice article! I took a look at WoW player housing a bit earlier in the year. I made similar recommendations:


    I also examined why 5 years after the release of WoW that Blizzard still hasn’t included player housing despite initially promising it to WoW subscribers.

  • Birdfall said:

    I did a bit of an article on this a while back, and the big thing I want to see is the ability to showcase pets and mounts. Like an outdoor stable (similar to the harness posts outside Gadgetzan) and maybe a cage or yard for your favorite pets to roam in (like the yard of cats by the Cat Lady). This would appeal to collectors who want to showcase their best collection pieces.

    I’ve also always wanted to live next door to my sister-in-law, which means I’d want a specific house spot, which would require that we can choose our own plots of land.

    Another thing I think would be nifty is if you can “park” your alts in your house so that you can see them when your character goes home. They could maybe even have scripted text for when you right-click on them, like “Hi ___! Just wanted to drop off these cupcakes!” or as my Dustfire would have it: “Hello, mistress. I’m almost finished doing your bidding. Do you have more bidding for me to do?”

  • Daniel said:

    1st… the mysterious vault door in the King’s room is the door to old Ironforge :-)

    2nd… player housing has some issues in terms of how to handle it. If houses are instanced, how do other players get to see them? How would guild houses be visible to non-guild members? Would you invite people into groups or raids, just like for dungeons?

    I think the major issue with housing – both player and guild housing – is not a technical one. Instances are cheap, and housing data would probably double the actually character data for each character owning one. Thats something Blizzard could handle, if you consider their server horse powers. IMHO the real issue is the design of the housing user interface, as thats what makes are breaks the feature.

    Another issue for sure is that housing should not be a requirement but an option, thus it can not be done in a public area as characters come and go, and leaving empty houses around does not seem very attractive.

    Probably we will see housing in the next expansion, at least for guilds. Guild housing might be a feature that would attract a lot of players, probably more than personal housing as the most important part of the game is socializing and not only the game world itself.

  • Guild PvP said:

    Player housing? thats like kinda…strange…not very wow style…in wow you play a hero that fight for the alliance/horde, not a guy that stays in his house in SW/OGR.
    Guild housing? Yeah, but why should we be in our guild hall? no cool futures here. But i like the idea of doing something common for the guild, other then PvE. So, what about guild PvP ? The next expansion is Maelstorm/Undermine minded right? Thats in the see, so what about a kind of BG where each guild commands a ship and fight the other guilds ship! Of course, you would have to build the ship and all professions would be needed: engineering for the canons, blacksmithing for some parts in metal on the ship (and pieces for other professions), enchanters would make some parts immune to canons, tailors would do some ropes, jewelcrafters would decorate the ship into the alliance/horde colors with the leatherworkers, inscribers would make manuals and plans for the different parts….You would need to pay for some workers, cut wood like in the argent coliseum quest….
    Player Housing? No, Guild Housing! Guild Housing? No, Guild PvP!

  • Naïve said:

    I usually don’t post twice about the same subject on blogs, but I just have to add a tiny thing more to my comment:
    I understand how player housing probably would draw more players to Azeroth, as it gives them new things to do. But how much do you really want out of a game? Blizzard seems to have enough to do with developing new gear, battlegrounds and raids, and now people want houses to giggle around in aswell? Why not buy The Sims, (they just launced a new game), and play around with a house there, until you want to go into war again. It’s World of Warcraf. A world. Of war. Not World of Matching Curtains and Wallpapers.

  • Tuna (Author) said:

    Letting players visit your home would be similar to getting someone to enter the same instance. Some sort of invite feature, or like a list of players you can allow access.

    As for Guild Halls being viewable by the server, maybe have a huge Guild Hall where all the guilds on the server have their own section. Each guild can show off their accomplishments, and anyone can just walk through and take a look at each guild. Kinda like how science fairs are, or something like that.

    There would be something where top ranked guilds get placed in certain area or limitations on which guilds get to be in the Guild Hall.

    Why not buy The Sims, (they just launced a new game), and play around with a house there, until you want to go into war again. It’s World of Warcraf. A world. Of war. Not World of Matching Curtains and Wallpapers.

    Yea I understand that but, this is the same game where your character does quests to pick up poop, or cut down trees for gold. Where at the end of a long day of fighting monsters, you sleep at a random Inn.

    When Blizzard announced Achievements, there were players out their who were like, “go play Xbox if you want achievements- we don’t need them in WoW”. Housing would pretty much be similar to the Achievement system. It is just another way to show off your accomplishments.

  • woni said:

    Sounds a lot like SWG system u an old player from back in the day

  • Naïve said:

    I see your point there, but I guess we all have different views of which ways the game should evolve. In my opinion, the quests, even tho they involve something as disgracing as picking up poo, help you on your journey to become a better fighter. You help a few orcs with kodo turds, they help you on your way towards the war with the gold they can spare. Staying home and working on your shelf of decorations doens’t quite help you that much. (But again, that’s just my opinion. However I truly do understand how Blizzard would attract some new players with a feature like that. It’s just not a preferance of mine.)

  • said:

    @ Tuna and Naive

    I understand what both of you are saying, but ur taking the negatives to the extremes. Leveling and questing is much more than picking up poo. And housing is not quite matching curtains and staying home and working on shelf decorations. You could say, “Slay Onixia and hang her head next to your Tier 8.5 manequin.”

    Pretty much WoW is a game where you kill stuff and collect digital pixels. This applies to both questing/leveling AND housing. Collect digital loot, and show them off.

    I could care less about housing in WoW, but it does make sense to add it in the game. Why don’t our characters have a place to live? Our “Heroes of Azeroth” can’t be living out of Inns. Heroes have to rest sometimes too!

  • Gnomeaggedon said:

    Dalaran the city of Mages for Mages alone…

    When does this ritual start?

    I’ll provide the fish feast…
    .-= Gnomeaggedon´s last blog ..Family Game Playing =-.

  • sfanky said:

    I realy need something other then fight and battles in wow.
    i need some peaceful areas for spending more time on wow.

    like having houses,
    or building some things.
    buildable cities ,
    Let us create our own cities and spent more and more time on wow…

  • liek z0mg said:

    @ sfanky,
    World of WAR (yes war) craft is one of the most competitive games in existence. You want to be pulling that 200 dps more than that elemental shaman or rogue above you in recount, you want to replace your Rune Edge with Voldrethar, you want to go to raids just to show off your 8k dps or title for slaying Algalon. The list goes on and on.

    If you want to build cities… Simcity is a great game… and the Elder Scrolls Construction set is an amazing yet extremely easy to use tool. With no programming knowledge whatsoever, it is quite possible to create an entire town.

  • HPAVC said:

    In the collectors edition DVD1.0 they have the housing in Undermine.

  • Iyanna said:

    This would be useful for storage. Or better yet a fortress where players can damage your property. Makes playing WoW more fun other than destroying lame towers.

  • tremer said:

    Hi I think player housing would be a good idea to have. I played all the warcraft games warcraft 1 2 and 3 frozen throwns and they all have barracs are houses they build and cut down trees to build them. So i think it adds to the theme of warcraft and aslo how the game wasent just about war although it was a major part in warcraft. It Was also about living such as geting your wood gold and food up, Gold and Food are assential to world of warcraft but not wood. So having a wood proffession followed by a carpenter proffession would work out just find. Most of these mmos today are having housing intergraded in there since it brings a intresting livable lifestyle to there character in the game world.
    It brings a sence of realism to the game.

    So im deffrently all for it.

  • Archie Hill said:

    simcity is my all time favorite game, my dad even played that game ~.,

  • Jonathan said:

    Yes Iv been thinking about the house thing to. I think we should have our own houses they can’t have a house out in the open cuz there is to many people so they should come out with a expansion pack called world of Warcraft housing. When you buy the pack you are buying a house. It starts off small an you have to build it. The more you build the more skilled and cooler things you get for your house your little companion pets are in a pet room, you have a stable were your pets are, you can change the environment for gold. The higher lvl you get the more new environments you can buy. Change your house from wood to stone to metal. Butlers, fighting targets, a dungoin to fit creaters in to train and a area for your guild. The higher the lvl the more the rooms you get. And I don’t me lvl as in 1 to 85 but like a construction lvl. I have other ideas but I don’t want to put them all on here.