Crashing the Lunar Festival Again

I already had all my achievements done last year, so this year I didn’t bother running all around Azeroth to honor the Elders. I just did the two starter quests which gives you the teleportation stone to Moonglade. Once there, I remembered what I did last year, and figured, why the heck not?

Dragon Dance time!

I waited til I saw a few Hordies were in town to turn in quests/coins, then talked to Keeper Remolus and started the quest. I saw a few of them die to the Shadowbolt Volleys. My job here is done :)

Maybe this will be the year I finally go ahead and finish this quest! Maybe…

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  • Pellex on Hyjal said:

    So…are you maybe on one of those PvP servers with an “all’s fair in everything” attitude? Because it looks to me like you’re just taking out your dislike of the Lunar Festival on some people who were minding their own business and maybe even having fun until you came along and ruined it. And you think this is cool or funny or something. I want to give you the benefit of the doubt, but…help?

  • Tuna (Author) said:

    No, I’m am currently on a PvE server. It isn’t my intention to ruin the festival, but to make it more exciting. It’s not like I am summoning the Dragon over and over again to grief players.

    I’ve never had a negative reaction from players after doing this, and had gotten many tells asking what quest I am on. A majority of the players out there haven’t (and won’t) ever experience this quest. I’m just sharing the love.