Soul Eater: Original Soundtrack 1

The long awaited, highly anticipated Soundtrack for Soul Eater has been released. Probably twenty-five percent of my emails and one of the top three search terms for my site is about the Soul Eater OST (mostly Black Star’s track), and it is now finally here.

Track Listing:

  2. soul-eater (so scandalous)
  4. 4242564
  5. malleus maleficarum
  6. victor
  7. lady of gorgon
  8. mifune
  9. BLACK STAR (never lose myself)
  10. harmoNIZE
  11. masamune
  12. camellia
  13. krieg
  14. kampf
  15. lycaon
  16. soulmates
  17. selenic soul
  18. blitz
  19. Death The Kid (so crazy)
  20. Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Have a Nice Dream

If you enjoy the anime and enjoy the music during the series, this OST covers pretty much all the music before Chrona is introduced. My favorite tracks on the OST is BLACK STAR (never lose myself), Death the Kid (so crazy), and PSYCHEDELIC SOULJAM.

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Direct Download:

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