Soul Eater - 16

Battle on the Ghost Ship! ~A Hell Inside my Head?~

Episode 16 continues where the last episode left off, Death the Kid vs Chrona and Ragnarok!


After Chrona and Ragnarok shows up on the ship and absorbs all the souls on the ship, Ragnarok becomes stronger and sprouts wings. Kid engages in battle with Chrona, and manages to land successful attack on Chrona. Chrona who was being pushed back by Kid, destroys the ship and tries to escape from Kid by flying away.

Kid summons his flying skateboard, and flies after Chrona. He manages to catch up to Chrona and continues firing at them. That is until the Sun shows up! Upon seeing the Sun, Kid sees how symmetrical the sky is, and is stopped in his tracks. As a result of this, Chrona and Ragnarok manages to escape without any further trouble.

Meanwhile, Maka is in the nurse’s office with Medusa. Maka was troubled by the black blood she saw after the battle with Free, and came for advice. Medusa gives Maka some pills, and Maka leaves. Moments later, Dr. Stein shows up, and questions Medusa about the pills she gave Maka, and confronts her about being a witch.

Medusa, who looked like she was about to attack, starts acting like it was a bad joke. Dr. Stein laughs it off and leaves the room. Dr. Stein later meets up with Sid and his weapon Knives. Dr. Stein said that his suspicions about Medusa has been confirmed, and Sid said that he has found Medusa’s hidout.

Sid and Knives leave to infiltrate Medusa’s hideout. What they didn’t know was that Medusa has contacted Eruka ahead of time to have something prepared.

Sid manages to break in with ease, and finds Medusa’s journal. He reads something shocking in the journal, and states that he must warn Shinigami-sama at once. At that moment, he was ambushed from behind by Eruka’s bombs. The bombs detonate, and destroys the entire building.

Meanwhile, Kid confronts Shinigami-sama about what he had heard during his investigation of the Black Dragon. He asks Shinigami-sama about the “Kinshin closest to them” and if it is tied with the reason why Shinigami-sama is unable to leave Shibusen.


The next episode takes a break from the action, and is another Excalibur episode. Looks like another wierd and funny episode.


Same reaction I got after seeing the preview for the next episode…

Judging from the fight, we can see that Kid is a step above Chrona and Ragnarok, so we can safely say that Kid is a few steps ahead of Maka and Soul. That is if he doesn’t let his obsessions get in his way. Also we find out that Shinigami-sama is somehow unable to leave Shibusen (which is why he sends out Meisters to do his dirty work), and we may find out why pretty soon.

Also now that Medusa’s cover is blown, looks like she will start making her move pretty soon too. Although we will be seeing a break in the action next episode, we will be getting some good action soon after.

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