Soul Eater – 5

Soul’s Form ~Strongest Meister Stein’s Entrance?~

The fifth episode of Soul Eater continues where the last episode left off, and we find our heroes at the front door of the person behind turning Sid into a Zombie. That person is the stronger living technician to graduate from Shibusen, Doctor Franken Stein.



Continuing where we left off, they were led to Dr. Stein’s lab by Sid after he was captured. They were however shocked to see what kind of person Dr. Stein was, when he came flying out of his door on his computer chair, and flips the chair backwards and falls on his back. Not only that, he goes back inside and tries to redo his grand entrance, but ends up falling on his back again.

Also he appears to be a wacky doctor, he shows that he is able to see people’s soul, and their wavelengths. He tells Maka and Soul that their wavelengths are unstable and that they are not working together. Not only that, he can tell that Maka is a hard working type of person, and that Soul is a twisted sarcastic person. He also goes on and says that Black Star’s soul shows a very self-absorbed person, and that Tsubaki is a very cooperative person who will match her wavelength to Black Star’s.

We also learn from Maka’s father that when he and Dr. Stein used to be partners, Dr. Stein would try to experiment on him while he was sleeping. This still creeps him out til this day.


Dr. Stein fights both Black Star and Maka while still remaining in his computer chair, and still manages to take both of them with no trouble. He fights with only his bare hands using a technique which allows him to amplify his soul wavelength without a weapon. Dr. Stein grabs Maka and tells her he is going to experiment on her body. He uses a marker and starts drawing lines on her body when from behind comes running Black Star.


Black Star comes running in to save Maka. He uses the technique he used when he fought Mifune the swordsman bodyguard. That attack however had no effect on Dr. Stein and Black Star was quickly defeated.


After seeing this, Death the Kid decides that he will go help them. Shinigami-sama tells Kid that he is a Shinigami, not a Student of Shibusen. Kid then tells his father that from now on he will become a Student of Shibusen, and he will leave it up to Shinigami-sama to enroll him. Kid leaves with Liz and Patty.

Back to where the battle is, Maka is now able to see Dr. Stein’s soul, and realizes that he is way out of their league.


After Soul snaps Maka out of her funk, they sync up their wavelengths using the technique “Soul Ressonance” to invoke Witch Hunting, the special attack they tried to use against Sid at the graveyard. This time there is no slip ups and Maka strikes at Dr. Stein. The attack is blocked by Dr. Stein’s hands, and there was a power struggle.


Maka hangs tough for a few moments, but Dr. Stein was just too much for her to handle. Maka’s attack was just knocked away and she finds herself falling helplessly to the floor.

Before Dr. Stein gets close to Maka, Soul appears over Maka, protecting her from Dr. Stein. Seeing this, he says he will give them a “Passing Point”, and that their Extra Lessons were over. He said that he was asked by Shinigami-sama take charge of their Extra Lessons.


The next day in class, we find our heroes worn out from the night before. All of a sudden someone on a computer chair comes flying into the class room and crashes backwards on the floor. It is none other than Doctor Franken Stein, and he will be their new teacher.



Next episode looks to be very promising. It finally brings the three Meister/Weapon teams together, but it looks like there will be a showdown between Soul and Black Star vs. Death the Kid and Company. It is always funny seeing Black Star and Soul together, and it looks like Kid has a special move up his sleeves.

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