Soul Eater – 13

The Demon Eye Man ~Soul and Maka, the Wavelength of Mismatched Souls?~

Episode 13 continues where the last episode left off, with Eruka going to the Witch Prison to free the man with the Demon Eye.



Eruka sneaks into the prison in frog form, and sets the man with the Demon Eye free. They were later surrounded by prison guards as they were making their escape. Just when it looked like Mr. Demon Eye was killed by the guards, he reveals to us that he is immortal. They both meet up with Medusa, where she asks him to take care of some Shibusen students for her. He, now known as Free, gladly accepts.

Meanwhile elsewhere, Maka and Soul are with Dr. Stein, for some special training. The training is meant for them to strengthen their bond and match their wavelengths.

Later on, Maka and Soul, along with Black Star and Tsubaki, are sent out on a mission in London to harvest corrupted souls. Who shows up? Free shows up, and Black Star takes center stage. Black Star tells Tsubaki to go into Demon Blade mode, and that he will finish Free off within thirty seconds. Tsubaki transforms, and together they display some smooth moves and techniques. Just when Black Star was about to finish Free off, he had reached his limit. Total time: Less than 10 seconds.


Time for Soul and Maka. Soul manages to impale Free, but they soon found out that he regenerates right away, and that he is part of the Immortal Clan. Free then transforms into his werewolf form. Soul goes into Scythe mode, but something is wrong. Maka is unable to hold Soul. Her hands would burn when she tries to pick him up. This is because their wavelengths are mismatched, and this lead to some arguing amoungs themselves. They were promptly scolded by Tsubaki, and got their acts together.


After calming down for a bit, Maka and Soul are now better matched. Maka and Soul uses their Resonance of Soul and does Witchhunter. However, it seems that whenever Soul raises his resonance, he starts losing control of himself because of the Black Blood. Medusa also reveals that a Weapon with Black Blood would devour the soul of the Meister. Soul manages to regain control, and together with Maka, they were able to stop Free (with some help from Black Star of course).

At the very end of the episode, it showed Maka coughing up some blood… Black Blood.



Next episode looks very funny. It looks like they have to take an written exam for Shibusen. In the preview, our heroes manage to look even more beat up from the exam than from fighting in all of the previous episodes.


WTF are you doing Patty?!

To me, it looks like the story is moving very fast, and it seems like they’re rushing things, trying to fit as much as possible into the episode. It jumped right from the training with Dr. Stein, to the fight with Free in the next scene. Oh well, at least they’re not dragging episodes instead like Naruto and Bleach.

Next episode is going back from action, to comedy. Maka looks poised, Soul looks nervous, Black Star looks all beaten up, Tsubaki is obviously worried about him, Kid looks like his head exploded, Liz looks worried, and Patty… she made a giraffe!

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