Week 9/16 - Recap

World of Warcraft:

Why is it that every time I have to take a short break from WoW that all the cool things happen during that time? This time I missed the Harvest Festival, Pirates’ Day, and Brewfest (which is currently still going on).


I am currently a little over 45 hours into Spectral Force 3 for the Xbox360, and reached what I’m guessing is 75% done mark. I’m guessing that because I just got a little over half of the game’s Achievements, so I should be close to finishing the game.

Great game if you enjoy Tactical RPGs. My only gripe is that the voice acting is HORRIBLE (with no option to switch to original Japanese voices), and the game has PS2-esque graphics. I do wish more import games include the option to switch the voices.

Abandoned games I need to go back and finish:

  • Final Fantasy IV (close to final dungeon)
  • Final Fantasy Tactics A2 (2 hrs in)
  • Lost Odyssey (on disc four)
  • Persona 3: FES (64+ hrs in, maybe halfway through the game?)
  • Final Fantasy XII (15 hrs in)


I just finished watching the 2nd Bleach Movie: The Diamond Dust Rebellion ~The Other Hyourinmaru~, and it was a rather good movie. Probably because it starred one of my favorite characters in the anime, Hitsugaya Toushirou. Oh and his zanpakutou (living sword) has the power of Ice, coincidence?

Real Life:

One wedding down, and one more to go this coming weekend. After that I can go back to WoW and raiding again.

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