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We are the Champions!!!

The Philadelphia Phillies have won the World Series!! It has been 28 years now since the last pennant, in 1980. I wasn’t born yet, so this would be my first experience of a championship win in hometown. I’ve been through many heartbreak, seeing my Philadelphia teams make it to many playoffs and championship games, and [...]

Funniest Mask for Taurens

Meet Tuanass the Tauren. He is a Druid, and he loves his Male Human Halloween mask. He is only level 20-ish at the moment, so he really doesn’t have any better helms to wear. Even if he did, he probably wouldn’t wear it. Not until the 7 day limit on the mask wears off.

His huge [...]

My Very Own Paladin Pet

The Scourge Invasion is currently on its fifth phase. When you log on, your capital cities will be pretty much a huge mess. You would be lucky if you could sign on to any of your low level alts to do some Trick or Treating, since chances are, your Inn Keeper has been zombified.
To make [...]

I Haz Headless Horseman Mount!

I Haz Headless Horseman Mount!

Continuing the good day I was having on my Birthday, I got a message from my partner in crime to do a couple runs at the Headless Horseman. I thought to myself, “she wants to steal another mount from me!”, but I didn’t mind, I still needed the Helm and Pet for the other achievement [...]

A Happy Birthday to Me!

A Happy Birthday to Me!

So yesterday was my birthday, and I dinged 27. Besides the fact that I am getting old, it was a good day. When I woke up, I was greeted by screen full of “happy birthdays”, and continued to get some via text messaging throughout the day. Thanks everyone!

So the day goes by, and what is [...]

Achievements are Evil

Achievements make you play a lot more than you would normally. They make you do ridiculous things, just so that it says you did it, on a list. They make you waste an enormous amount of time you could have spent being productive elsewhere. Achievements are evil, and it was a smart move on Blizzard’s [...]

I’m Not the Only Person Slacking in Raids…

Well I’m sure Matt isn’t playing Bejeweled during raids, but it’s nice to see that there are other players out there besides me getting sucked into this addictive little game.
I’m no pro at the game, so you won’t see any long chains of combo coming from me. Well, there are some, but not because I [...]

Tuna and Hallow’s End

Tuna and Hallow’s End

Hallow’s End time again, and the Headless Horseman is back! Like Coren Direbrew during Brewfest, you have the opportunity to the Headless Horseman everyday until Novemeber 1st. The notable loot many players will be aiming for is the new sword which summons pumpkins to fight for you, or a broom mount.

I just got my broom [...]

Kil’jaeden: The Deceiver

Kil’jaeden down! And it only took one patch to make every class overpowered to do it too!
To tell you the truth, I REALLY wanted to get him down before the Echoes of Doom patch, but glad to have finally kill the Deceiver himself, Kil’jaeden… well… his avatar.
You see, you don’t actually KILL Kil’jaeden, you just [...]

Echoes of Doom: The Aftermath

Patch 3.0.2 was released last night, and like any big patch night, it was chaotic. But at the same time, what you witnessed last night is a taste of what to expect on opening day for when Wrath of the Lich King hits a month from now.
With the latest patch, there was a lot of [...]

Sakura Confirmed for Street Fighter 4

The home console version that is. Kotaku has found an image of a Japanese article which confirmed that the Japanese school girl will join the Street Fighter IV rosters.
The Street Fighter 4 Arcade has been out for quite some time now in Japan, and in a few selected locations in the United States, and I [...]

Ghost Hit Gone for Wrath

Yep, the advantage that Frost Mages had over Fire Mages in the Spell Hit column will be gone with the release of Wrath of the Lich King or possibly the next patch coming this Tuesday. The Ghost Hit was the extra Spell Hit Frost Mages recieved, which gave them an extra 3% Spell Hit from [...]

Wrath Will Make Spell Rotations More Fun (part 2)

Wrath Will Make Spell Rotations More Fun (part 2)

Credit for this amazing picture goes to whoever the talented artist is!
Okay when I say WotLK is going to make Spell Rotations “more fun”, what I meant is that you won’t be half-awake spamming one or two buttons over and over again. Your Spell Rotations will be more interactive and less monotonous. I guess you [...]

Wrath Will Make Spell Rotations More Fun (part 1)

Wrath Will Make Spell Rotations More Fun (part 1)

This is one of the subtle changes to be made in WotLK which I am looking forward to. No longer will you be spamming one or two buttons over and over again during instances, while watching a movie, or while playing Bejeweled. Yes your Spell Rotations will actually require you to be awake now, and [...]

My First Alt to 60

Yep I got my Paladin to 60, with a huge help from the Refer-a-Friend promotion. I also leveled from 10 to 60 as a Protection Paladin too! Having a Restoration Druid following me around and leveling too, makes it a whole lot easier though. Her gear is a little low though. How long did it [...]

Week 9/30 - Recap

Week 9/30 - Recap

World of Warcraft:

Brewfest is over, and no I didn’t get my Kodo Mount, but I did end up with a bag full of goodies. Other than the Kodo, what I also wanted was the [Direbrew's Remote], which I got. I also picked up one of every trinket that drops from the boss, including both Beerwench [...]

The Higher the Armor Rating, the Less it Covers

Attempt #2 at leveling an alt. This time, it looks like she may have a very good chance at hitting 70. Maybe.
I’ve been leveling up a Paladin with my friend, using the Refer-a-Friend promotion. I went full Protection spec, he went full Restoration spec as a Druid, and man, it is A LOT of fun. [...]

Mage PvE Gear Sets: Pre-TBC

The gear sets is what defines the roles of the class you are playing. From the stats that are given on each piece of gear, to the set bonuses of each regalia. Even how the gear looks like, they are tailored for your class for the most part. Over the years, as the game changes, [...]

Mission to get Kodo Mount: Failed

It is the last day to obtain the Brewfest Kodo Mount, and I have pretty much given up all hope. Then I get a message from my arena partner, “Tuna BRD gogogogo”. I log on and was immediately invited to the group. Ten seconds later, I was summoned. Then the following conversation:

I start the fight, [...]

What NOT to do during Sunwell Raids

So I missed the last 2 and a half weeks of raiding due to being out of town, and attending a couple of weddings, and now I’m back. Looks like I will be missing out on most of Brewfest, since there is only two days left for me to even having a chance at the [...]