My Very Own Paladin Pet

The Scourge Invasion is currently on its fifth phase. When you log on, your capital cities will be pretty much a huge mess. You would be lucky if you could sign on to any of your low level alts to do some Trick or Treating, since chances are, your Inn Keeper has been zombified.

To make matters worst, when you are infected, you now only have 1 minute to get cleansed before turning into a zombie yourself. Not even Iceblock can save you from being a zombie once infected. In fact, it instantly turns you into a zombie.

If you have been around back in Patch 1.11, with the original Scourge Invasion, you will notice a lot of similar quests and drops. It is also a good way to rep up with the Argent Dawn faction. I’m already exaulted so I can’t tell you how much rep you can get by completing the quests and killing the mobs around Azeroth. Like before, killing the mobs have a good chance to drop [Necrotic Runes], which can be turned in for items.

What many players will be trying to get is the [Tabard of the Argent Dawn] which will cost you only 8 x Runes. There is an achievement for obtaining this tabard.

I already had the tabard so I set my eyes are the new trinkets which were available. First trinket I got was the [Argent War Horn] which allows me to summon my very own Paladin! The Paladin only stays for 45 seconds, but has the best despawning animation. The Paladin bubbles then hearths!!

That trinket cost me 40 x Runes. Next two trinkets I will be going to get is the [Argent Tome] which is 30 x Runes, and the [Argent Dawn Banner] which is only 8 x Runes.

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  • Rivs said:

    OMG I got my pallie pet, she’s a cutie. I think I’m in love. I just have to say AOE with my frost mage is a blast now. I’m killing like none other.

    Rivss last blog post..RvR antics

  • Tuna (Author) said:

    Definitely! AoEing as Frost makes farming these runes 10 x faster and easier. With Frostbite, Fingers of Frost, Imp. Blizzard, and Frostbite, the mobs don’t even survive after the first Blizzard.


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