Frost Mage PvE: Solo Farming ICC Rep

With the latest raid released with Patch 3.3, players will finally get to confront Arthas in the Icecrown Citadel. In the new 10 and 25 man raid, players can earn reputation with the Ashen Verdict faction while killing trash and bosses in the dungeon.


Like some of the previous raid dungeons before (AQ, Kara, and Hyjal), gaining reputation with this faction will award you with a ring which you can upgrade as your rep level increases. Here is what you can get as a Mage:

Those are some very, very nice rings, and you definitely want to rep up with the Ashen Verdict for it. Join any 10/25 Icecrown Citadel raid you can. If you see players doing ICC rep runs, join them. But what if you aren’t in a raiding guild, and there aren’t any rep runs going on?

Solo Farming ICC Rep

As a Mage, you have a few moves in your arsenal which will allow you to go in and farm some trash by yourself. I wouldn’t recommend you doing this as your only means to getting rep. It is not a very efficient way to get rep.

You can only pull the first two mobs, then you will have to reset the instance and do it again. Remember: You only get 5 resets per hour.

But if you are a few hundred rep away from your next ring upgrade (like I was two days ago), go for it. This method will get you 150 rep per hour (165 if you are human). Not much, but it is better than nothing if you need it.

Step 1: Get into a Raid

You can’t zone into the instance if you aren’t in a raid. If you are in a guild, it’ll be easy to find someone who is just jumping around Ironforge doing absolutely nothing but chatting in gchat. Give them an invite, then convert your group into a raid.

If you don’t want to bother your guildmates by keeping them in your raid, you can do what I do. Ask your guildie to invite one of your alts into a group, and convert it into a raid. Then log onto your main, and have him invite this character into the raid. Then have him pass you the “leader”, then you can boot him from the raid.

Now you will be in a raid with just you, and your “disconnected” alt. Then you can do all the farming you want without bothering anyone.

Step 2: Go Frost

You can do this as any other spec, but this way makes it ten times easier, and ten times safer. Having Squirtle pull at 45 yards is better than you pulling at 36 yards.

Step 3: Find the Right Guards

When you zone in, you will see guards positioned in three areas of the room, with waves of adds running at them every so often. Check which side the guards kill their mob faster.

In my opinion, you want to find the guards with the two Death Knights, usually on the left side of the room if you are looking towards the first boss. They seem to pick up the mobs faster, and hold aggro better. Position yourself with the guards directly between you and the two mobs.

Step 4: The Pull

Wait for when a wave of adds attack, and are killed, then get ready to pull. Stand back, target the mob closest to your side, and send Squirtle to attack.


Your Water Elemental will be pulling while standing right where the guards are. Say goodbye to Squirtle, he won’t survive what is going to happen next.

Step 5: Kill the Adds

Both mobs will aggro, and will run at Squirtle. Sadly, Squirtle will not make it. Once he dies, both mobs will turn and attack one of the guards right where Squirtle died. If not, just simply use Invisibility before they get to you.

Make sure the guard has aggro on BOTH mobs before you start attacking. You don’t want to proc a buff and have the other mob run at you and kill you. Attack and kill the mob that the guard is attacking, then move on to the next one.

On 10 man, the one guard can easily solo the two mobs without needing much help, but on 25 man, he will die and the adds will come after you if you don’t help him kill the adds.

Step 6: ????

Step 7: Profit

Gain reputation with Ashen Verdict, and collect your loot. On 10 man, you will get around 1 gold per pull, on 25 man, you get around 2.5 gold per pull.


Yes, the trash does drop greens and epics! I personally haven’t had any epics drop yet, but had a couple of greens drop for me. Plus the epics are Bind on Equipped!

Here is a list of epics the trash can drop:

Remember again, you can only pull the first two mobs, and will have to zone out and reset the instance before doing it again. You can only reset the instance five times an hour, before you are locked out of instances.

Not a fast way to farm rep, but if you are lucky enough to have an epic drop, it will be way worth the troubles. Along with the rings you can get with rep, there is a vendor that sells trade recipes for various professions.

Happy farming! Good luck on epic drops!

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  • squighound said:

    This sounds like it would be doable with a Shammy as well, or a hunter, or any class that can send a pet in to pull, right? I may have to try it on my Shammy later.

  • Marrisol said:

    Interesting. I tested it out on my hunter last night. My findings: for a pet to be a viable option, it needs to be a caster pet. A hunter pet just gets squished and then the mobs walk right past the tanks to you. Seems the pet needs to get squished on the tanks.

    However, feign death is really your friend. I ended up just dismissing pet, firing a shot, waiting until they were past the tanks, feigning, and then picking them off.

    Very easily doable on a hunter or rogue with my method. Doable every half hour on a shaman. =P

    I guess that a paladin could bubble through it? Maybe, I’ll have to try that.

  • Tuna (Author) said:

    Using the feign death method, non-Frost Mages can also use Invisibility too- I just tested it out. But you have to pull and quickly run and Blink past the guards before using Invisibility.

  • Voronve said:

    I wonder if this could be done with a Shadow Priest, send fiend in to pull, run back past the guards, fade and hope the guards pick up the adds?

  • Bernel said:

    Another possibility that might work is for a paladin to pull and then bubble, hoping that the guards will have gained aggro by the time it bursts. Night elves might be able to shadowmeld and rogue can vanish.

  • Dethro said:

    If you’re willing to eat the repair bill, a warlock can do this as well, every 15 minutes.
    Soulstone yourself (hence the 15 minute restriction) and do the above with your imp.

  • Kaeleb said:

    Anyone can do this really, it’s just a little more annoying. I’ve started doing it on my human warrior, who has no way to drop threat, simply by aggroing the skeletons and running out of the instance. I wait a couple seconds, then zone back in, by that time the mobs should have found another target to aggro. You may need a speed enchant or other method of increasing your run speed however, as I am barely able to outrun the skeletons and make it to the zone in with Tuskar’s on my boots.

  • Dyaxion said:

    I’ve been trying this strat as frost and arcane, but it’s giving me some trouble.

    On the first few tries it went perfectly, but when the Ebon Champions were replaced by Argent Champions, they wouldn’t pick up the adds anymore.

    Any idea what’s going wrong?

  • Tuna (Author) said:

    @ Dyanxion

    Usually when the Ebon Champions are replaced with Argent Champions, I just go to other side (which should be Ebon Champions now). Use the same strategy, just opposite side. If both sides don’t have Ebon Champions, the middle group will.

  • Musark said:

    I’ve been solo farming ICC 25 for the past week, and I got 3 BoE so far, two cloth shoulders and neck . If you’re bored it’s a good farming method :)