85 Down, 15 More to Go!

I’ve been collecting mounts for awhile now, trying to get 100 for the [Blue Dragonhawk Mount] you get from the Mountain o’ Mounts Achievement. The one thing keeping me from this achievement was gold- I was always terribad with my gold.

Whenever I had a good amount of gold, I would blow it all on non-combat pets, or 22 Slot Bags. I don’t have any alts really, and I don’t have a gathering profession. My only income really was just from raiding, heroics, and transmuting epic gems everyday. This was enough to get me by, but not enough to let me start buying mounts yet.


Now thanks to the new Dungeon Finder system, Gold- as well as enchanting mats, and emblems, were rolling in at a steady pace. I now had extra money to spend!

Halaa mounts- check! Netherwing mounts- check! Faction ground mounts- check! Old flying mounts- check! Skyguard mounts- check! So pretty much all the 10g – 200g mounts that I can purchase, I got. Now to start saving up for the more higher cost mounts.

The mounts that I have in my possession are listed HERE, from WarcraftMounts.com, and I’ve narrowed the remaining 15 that I need, to 21 possible mounts:

Easily Obtainable

These mounts will take a little bit more of farming, or will cost me around 500g to obtain. War Tiger is the last PvP mount I need left, and all I need is AB tokens to farm. The Dark War Talbuk, I just need to farm a bit more [Halaa Research Token].

Needs More Crusader Dailies

This means I will need to stop being so lazy and start doing these dailies again. Plus the gold will come in handy for the previous list. I just wished they stop giving me the quests which makes me have to fly all the way to Storm Peaks, and just keep giving me the Shark quest instead.

Needs More Gold

These mounts are around 1000g each, so I won’t be getting these until towards the end. Or unless I hit some WoW lottery.

Needs More Luck

One of these mounts will HAVE to be my 100th Mount. I don’t care how long it takes, I will have them!

I am almost there… just 15 more to go! So close, yet so far away…

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  • jong said:

    I hope you you get the achievement soon!

    I generally don’t care about mounts, but I’ve been fishing a lot to get the turtle. I really want the turtle.


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