Obtained 50 Pets and Killed a Death Knight

I got my achievement for obtaining 50 different non-combat pets the other day. This wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought, and now that these pets no longer take up my precious bag space, I went and hunted some down.

First off, WarcraftPets will be your bible for this achievement. It is an excellent resource for all things, everything to do with non-combat pets. Read it, loved it, bookmarked it!

For me, I only had to hunt down the remaining 20 or so pets I needed to reach 50. The first thing I did was teleport to each Major City except Ironforge. In Darnassus and Exodar, there was a pet vendor. Darnassus has a Owl Vendor, Exodar has a Moth Vendor. Two to three of each kind. For Stormwind, there is a small little cottage right outside the capital where the Crazy Cat Lady lives. She sold me four different types of cats. For my last few, I went to Stormspire and bought some pets off of Dealer Rashaad. He sells eight different types of pets.

That is a good start for anyone looking to go after the achievement. That is 17 pets out of the way before thinking of going to a neutral Auction House. Plus there is the Parrot vendor at Booty Bay.

After obtaining 50 pets, you will receive a package in the mail. Your very own pet Skunk! He even has an aura of stink surrounding him.

Next order of business: Mr. Death Knight

So there I was at level 71, riding around Howling Fjord, minding my own business when out of nowhere I get Death Gripped and dismounted. It was a level 73 Death Knight trying to gank me. He was probably thinking, “Hehe slow leveling Mage, easy kill”. Wrong.

Frost Nova -> Icy Veins/Trinket -> Deep Freeze -> Frostbolt -> Ice Lance x 2

Frostbolt crits for 5.7k, Ice Lance crits for 2.7k, Ice Lance crits for 2.8k. Mr. Death Knight has died. He got off an Icy Touch, and maybe a melee swing in.

I dunno why, but I wasn’t satisfied with just killing him once. Probably because he was Death Knight that was higher level than me, so I camped him for the next half an hour until he stopped spawning or logged off. I killed him about seven or eight more times by then.

See Mr. Death Knight, you may have out leveled me in over 3 days, but that is all the experience you have, and you won’t be that geared as well. I have over 3 years on my Mage. Seeing how you probably spent all your time leveling your Death Knight, you didn’t have a “high level main” to log on to prevent me from camping. Seeing you without a Guild tag means you didn’t have help on the way either. Trust me, general chat isn’t gonna help either. You will either see Chuck Norris jokes, or be told that, “the PvE Server is that way —>”.

This is a PvP server, you should have taken this time (usually a week or two when new content is released) where the Horde and Alliance normally ignore each other to prevent any interference to each others questing and leveling. Hope you have learned your lesson. Oh and thanks for the achievement.

Love, Tuna

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  • Mae said:

    Congrats, on both fronts! The pet achievement is awesome and so is the pet you get as a reward, I love him!! As for killing the death knight, I never could have done it. I’m the worst at PvP! Even as a frost mage, I suck at having reflex enough to kill other players. Mobs, I can do, they can be anticipated. You are a brave soul leveling on a PvP server.

    Maes last blog post..It’s here!!

  • shrinkedge said:

    PvP servers are the only way to go in my book. Personally I believe they make you an all around better player. The level of difficulty between fighting an AI mob and a person is exponentially greater. You need to be quick to react to all kinds of different situations other players may put you in. As far as my DK goes im still learning how to PvP with him. That DK you fought “technincaly” should have beaten you. We have so many anti-caster spells its a little rediculous. Obviously that guy doesn’t know what hes doing when it comes to fighting other classes. But I will give you credit for legitimately beating him, a skilled mage is near impossible to kill. Luckily there aren’t too many skilled mages. Hope to see you on the battlefield sometime.

  • Aurdon said:


    I’ve been working on getting my DK to Northrend so I don’t have any PvP stories from the Mage point of view. I will say that I’ve run across my fair share of DK’s trying to gank me while leveling. Usually they lose or its a draw. Shadow of Death FTW. I think most people tried to blast through outland instead of reading what their skills do.

    Geared as well as you are…I lol’d just thinking of the frustration that was going through the “anti-magic” class player’s mind.

  • Herc said:

    Gratz on both achievements!

    Nice some DK tried to gank me while mining heh I won .. barely though, I had to use a pot. Ganking between horde and allies are starting to get worse. It was almost non-existant while I was leveling a few days ago.

  • Tuna (Author) said:

    @ Mae

    It’s not so bad… They normally leave cute little Gnomes alone… well only if they have Pigtails or Princess Leia Buns. Male Gnomes are usually KoS.

    @ shrinkage and Aurdon

    I’m guessing he just leveled as fast as he can without actually learning what his abilities actually do. That or he didn’t have his PvP Trinket equiped and couldn’t get out of my Deep Freeze’s Stun effect. Gear has been a huge advantage for me throughout this whole leveling process, and I’m glad I kept raiding til the end. Also having the Human racial gives me freedom now to be in PvE gear at all times with a “PvP Trinket” ready.

    @ Herc

    Yea usually there is a cease fire on my server when new content is presented, and you will rarely see any ganking or PvPing in leveling zones. It usually lasts about two weeks over here.


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