The Tuna Resurrection

As I’ve said before, I had been occupied recently, and my time on Azeroth had diminished to practically nothing. I haven’t raided or pvp’d for over a month, and had only signed on to do a couple achievements for the new Pilgrim’s Bounty holiday.


As an achievement-aholic, I would have normally jumped on this holiday to complete all the achievements for the holiday- but when I logged on the 2nd day (nov 23rd) to finished the rest of the achievements… my account expired. Damn you Blizz! I bet you planned this, didn’t you!?

Looks like it was time for me to hang up my robe and wizard hat…

I went home for Thanksgiving Weekend, gain like 10 pounds, helped my little sister prepare for her upcoming Driver’s License testing, watched Ninja Assassin, laughed at how bad it was, had sushi, played lots of Borderlands and Dragon Age: Origin, watched the Eagles (barely) win against the Redskins, took the train back home to Philly.

Not once did the World of Warcraft pop up in my head. Did I finally free my mind from the Lich King’s control for good?

Meanwhile, at Blizzard Headquarters…

Henchman #1: Boss! One of our VIP accounts in the Philadelphia Area expired… and was not renewed!
Big Boss: *sigh* Is it Stallone again? He’s probably just mad we had another Mr. T commercial instead of a Rocky one… Leave him be, we don’t need him anymore.
Henchman #2: No… it was Tuna.
Big Boss: WHAT!? That was a 5 year old account!? How can this be?
Henchman #1: Maybe it’s because of the lack of new conten-
Big Boss: SILENCE! You, leak out some false release date to hook him back!
Henchman #2: Y-ye-yes sir! I’ll release the “2nd part” of the Patch 3.3 downloader.
Henchman #1: There’s a 2nd part to that download?
Henchman #2: Nope… but THEY won’t know that! They’ll just be downloading the same file again!
Big Boss: *evil laugh* Excellent! We shall see how long he’ll last now…

Even though I wasn’t following WoW, WoW was finding me.

The Mr. T commercial has been airing a lot. I went through my emails and finally (sorry for taking so long!) answered a bunch of your questions. One of the questions even got answered in a post! I haven’t done one of those in awhile…

There was even WoW on my Xbox!!! I was playing 1 vs 100 for the first time on Tuesday, cause I saw that there was a live show going on. This game is freaking addicting by the way. I was doing pretty good, getting all the pop culture questions right, all the history questions wrong- having fun. For one of the rounds, “the one” made his way up the ladder, knocking out the mob members.

Then this question pops up: “What guild was the World of Warcraft player, Leeroy Jenkins a part of?” I forget the other two answers, but the correct one was “PALS FOR LIFE”, which I got correctly, but “the one” got wrong and was eliminated. I tried to get a picture of the question but I was too slow with the camera on my phone.

Then the phone calls from a buddy.

Buddy: Hey, what was the hit cap for Arcane again?
Me: Ehh… its like 290 by yourself and like 185 in a raid.
Buddy: Cool thanks!


Buddy: Hey, did you see the new legendary weapon?
Me: Ehh… not yet. *goes to mmo-champion* Whoa! It looks cool!
Buddy: Yea and the animation is awesome too!


Buddy: Hey, the 2nd part of the patch is downloading! I think it’s coming out next week!
Me: Ehh… my account expired, I haven’t renewed it.
Buddy: Why not?
Me: Meh… haven’t had a reason to sign on anymore.
Buddy: Transfer your Mage over here and play with us again!
Me: … I dunno.
Buddy: Look, Blizz just sent me an email and gave me free days!
Me: … Wtf? Really?
Buddy: Yea, go look!
Me: Wtf they did… I’ll just log on for a bit…


Meanwhile, at Blizzard Headquarters…

Henchman #1: Hah! I told you the downloader trick wouldn’t work without the free days!
Henchman #2: Whatever, it would have worked without your help!
Big Boss: He won’t last long now… He’ll come back. They always come back.

Big Boss: Tuna, I’ll see you in Ice Crown Citadel!!!

Buddy: Sooooo… when you gonna transfer your Mage?
Me: I don’t know yet…
Buddy: Just do it, you’re not doing anything on the other server anymore anyways.
Me: Hmm… is everyone still playing there?
Buddy: Most of us.
Me: Okay… I’ll throw up a guild app first to see if they still remember me.

1 hour, $25 transfer fee, $15 subscription fee later…

I am now officially part of the bloggiest guild on Azeroth… again. Frostytuna is my new name, Drenden is my new home, Aetherial Circle is my new family.

Not only that, it seems as though the Lich King has servants all over. Everyone’s favorite Gnome Mage blogger, was recently interviewed on the latest Twisted Nether Blogcast.

He just had drop my name and make me look bad! *shakes fist* Now I have to be less lazy and more active on the site now- well it worked, I’m posting this after listening to the podcast.

If you haven’t listened to it yet, go do it now! You’re missing out! It was a great show!

The Lich King has taken hold of my soul again. Am I destined to be a servant of the Lich King forever? It sure does look that way.

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  • Euripides said:

    I, for one, welcome our new mage overlords.
    Euripides´s last blog ..Hunting Northrend Beasts Heroic Mode!

  • Willie said:

    Tuna!, dude I have a hunter on that server, will drop you a /w next time I am on to say hi! Humm was that the same guild that a red kitty was in also?

  • xortorz said:

    lol! this post had everything. comedy, drama, deception, plot twists, forshadowing, and a good ending! i’m glad your warcraft story had a happy ending :)

    though i would love to see more posts from you, having spicytunas pop up on the old google reader once in awhile has been treat. no need to overwork yourself and make it feel like you HAVE to post daily. just do it whenever you can. we’ll still be here to read it :)

  • Tuna (Author) said:

    @ Euripides

    Thanks :)

    @ Willie

    I’ve been on all week!! Where’s my whisper!!?! Haha. Yep, this was the same guild which housed a red kitty, which was also big.

    @ xortorrz

    Glad you enjoyed the story!

  • Gnomeaggedon said:

    I love it when a plan comes together…
    Gnomeaggedon´s last blog ..The New LFG is NGE (Not Good Enough)

  • Cotton said:

    Ninja Assasin is cheey in my opinion, the action sequence could have been much better _

  • Shower Caddy said:

    i always regard the movie ninja assasin one of the best action films, ;.’


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