Two Reasons for the Lack of Posts Lately…

Borderlands and Dragon Age: Origins. These two games had totally sucked out any free time I’ve had for pretty much this entire month. It has been awhile since there has been any reason for me to completely ignore the World of Warcraft. I’ve pretty much been cheating on my Mage from Azeroth, with my new Mage from Fereldin.


Borderlands had me hooked at first. It was like Fallout 3 mixed with Diablo 2. A first-person shooter shoot with RPG elements, added with a loot hunting, dungeon crawling addiction. And it has online multiplayer too!

Normally I don’t play too many first-person shooters, but if you add RPG elements to it, I’m game. Too bad another game totally got in the way of my Borderlands playtime. Lvl 21 Siren LFG Rust Commons. PST!


Dragon Age: Origin was the game that made me forget about any games that I’ve been playing. I’ve pretty much completely stopped playing anything else once I created my first character for this game.

I’ve been asked many times about what kind of game DAO is, and haven’t gotten a good description of the game is. The best I’ve come up with is that it is a single-player mode for 4-man dungeons in WoW- with a story.

I should be back to posting more regularly soon- maybe after Thanksgiving, so those of you who have emailed me with a few questions, expect something coming up.

Till then… back to keeping the Blight away from Fereldin!

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  • keith said:

    I enjoyed Borderlands, but got tired of it fast. I WANT to play it, but just don’t FEEL like it… you know? Dragons Age on the other hand, I can’t put down the controller. I’m lacking sleep because of this game.