PTR Patch 3.3 – Fingers of Frost Change

“Does the change to the way Finger of Frost is consumed in the next Patch 3.3, does that mean no more ghost charges and shatter combos for us Frost Mages?”


The quick answer to that is: Nope, you will still have your “ghost charges” and “shatter combos”. Don’t worry. The way Blizzard worded the change to Fingers of Frost can be misinterpreted easily, and can cause some confusion.

Here is the new change:

“Fingers of Frost: This talent now triggers immediately on casting a spell rather than being delayed until the spell strikes the target.”

The way the FoF Charges will be consumed, will be exactly the same- on cast. So you will still have your chance to do your “shatter combos” and attempts on using the “ghost charges”.

What this means is, you will get the Fingers of Frost buff as soon as Frostbolt is cast, rather than waiting until the Frostbolt hits the target. This change is actually a buff for Frost Mages.

Currently, if you are just spamming Frostbolts, this is the Fingers of Frost scenario for a Frost Mage:

Casting Frostbolt #1
Precast Frostbolt #2
Release Frostbolt #1 / Casting Frostbolt #2
Precast Frostbolt #3
Frostbolt #1 Lands / Fingers of Frost Procs
Release Frostbolt #2 / Casting Frostbolt #3 / FoF Charge Used

By this time, you’ll realize that FoF had proc’d and you already used a charge, and would be already in the middle of casting the next Frostbolt that would use up the next FoF charge. At this point, you’ll have a split second to cancel the third Frostbolt to use Deep Freeze- or keep going and attempt to use the “ghost charge”.

With the new change to Fingers of Frost, the new scenario for a Frost Mage would be like this:

Casting Frostbolt #1
Precast Frostbolt #2
Release Frostbolt #1 / FoF Procs / Casting Frostbolt #2
Precast Frostbolt #3
Frostbolt #1 Lands
Release Frostbolt #2 / Casting Frostbolt #3 / FoF Charge Used

The big difference with the new Fingers of Frost mechanic is, you will see the buff much earlier, and will have more time to plan/react to better use the 2nd FoF Charge. Instead of realizing you have the buff while casting your 3rd Frostbolt, you’ll know while casting your 2nd Frostbolt.

Sorry it took so long to answer. I’ve been… busy. Heh heh…

Hope everyone had a nice, safe, and happy Thanksgiving!

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  • magi said:

    Welcome back! Hope you had a good Thanksgiving as well! Thanks for clearing up the FoF thing for me. I was one of those people pestering you with emails about it hehe. Though u did answer me in the email, its good to have this information out there for players who are still wondering about it.

    Oh yea, DA:O is awesome! I see that you have totally played it to death too! Haha.

  • Richardzon said:

    Thanks for the answer! The FoF change was bothering me for awhile. And thanks google for pointing me in the right direction :) Cheers!