Couple Things I’ve Learned From Using the Dungeon Finder

With the new revamped Looking for Group tool that came out with Patch 3.3, Blizzard has made it exponentially easier to find other players to run dungeons with- mainly because you can now group up with players across different servers. Blizzard is even rewarding players with 2 x [Emblem of Frost] by running a random Heroic once a day.

The Quieter the Group, the Better

Group forms, players zone in, table is dropped, buffs are given out, first groups of mobs are pulled- and no one has said a single word yet. This is a sign of a quick and painless run. No need to ask for buffs, no need to ask for marks, no need to explain the boss fight- everyone knows what they’re doing.

If the group forms, and players are having to ask for buffs, or needs the MT tank mark what they want killed first- you are in for a long run. There will be deaths, be prepared to use Invisibility.

How to Greed for Disenchant

If there is an Enchanter in the group, you will have the option to “Greed for Disenchant” any Greens, Blues, or Epic BoP items that may drop. Half the time, there are players who still don’t know how to.

It is the new icon to the right of the “Greed” button. If there is an Enchanter, you will be able to used that button. If there isn’t an Enchanter, that option will be grayed out.

“R” Means Ready

Maybe this is just different on some servers, but I’ve noticed a lot of players doing this. Before a big pull, sometimes I see the MT would type “r”, and won’t pull until everyone in the group types “r”.

Still a little weird to me, but whatever, I’ll go along with it. But seriously, why not do a ready check?

Where is the Entrance to the New Dungeons?

Yes, using the new Dungeon Finder tool will teleport the player directly inside each dungeon, but if there is a wipe, you still have to ghost run back. For players who are new to the new Patch 3.3 Dungeons, you will sometimes have to wait for players to find their way to the entrance.

This is for Forge of Souls, Pit of Saron, and Halls of Reflection. I had to stay out a couple of times already to help players find their way back to the instance. There is always one or two person a day who still don’t know their way in yet.

Instant Queues with a Tank or Healer

If you are partied up with a Tank or Healer before queuing for a Random dungeon, it’ll take less than 5 seconds. If you are a DPS by yourself, or with another DPS, queues can take up to around 15 minutes.

If you don’t like waiting, find yourself a Healer or Tank friend, then queue away!

Smack Talking in Guild Chat

Be prepared for GChat to be filled by players who will post Damage Meters from their latest Random Dungeon runs, or links of bad gear with wrong Enchants and/or Gems. Sure, sometimes it is fun to talk about how bad some player’s gear, or spec is- but you have to remember, not everyone who plays is as informed or plays as much as you are.

Instead of taking your time to make fun of someone’s choice of stats or talents in GChat, you could maybe help that player out, and offer some advice on spec or gem choices. Is your DPS twice as much as the other Mage you’re grouped up with? Offer some spell rotation advice.

Helping a player now, can prevent many failed groups in the future.


Overall I’ve had a great experience using the Dungeon Finder tool. Playing with new players can be fun sometimes, and the extra Gold and Emblems from the Random tool is always a plus.

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  • Euripides said:

    They should just give hunters and mages a healing spec and be done with it. It could be like an aura we choose- in aspect of arsekickery, we do what we do now, but in aspect of the healbot, we could hurl fireballs and explosive shots of healing at our tank!
    Euripides´s last blog ..Icecrown Tips For Hunters! My ComLuv Profile

  • Larísa said:

    I don’t get this thing about not buffing. Why is it a good thing not to buff each other? It annoys the hell out of me that the tanks just charge without letting the party buff up and regain mana. Sure, we’ve got good gear, but does it hurt to get some buffs????
    I’ve even written an angry rant about it for tomorrow!

  • Anea said:

    I noticed the “r” thing too – at first I thought he was trying to send a tell to someone so he waited and waited and then after an “r?!?!?!” from him, we had to ask wth. I agree – just do a ready check. Or *GASP* type out “Ready?” in it’s entirety!

    And you’re dead on with “the quieter the group, the better”.
    Anea´s last blog ..Be careful what you wish for My ComLuv Profile

  • Darthregis said:

    Hey now – I’ve had very successful runs on both my mage and my druid tank. And when I tank – I mark. Not everyone follows it, but it covers my ass if my DPS is negligent and gets aggro. And the only iceblock I’ve seen was before we pulled the boss.
    Darthregis´s last blog ..To Need or Not to Need My ComLuv Profile

  • Gnomeaggedon said:

    I’m a big fan of “r”… no messing about, just enter & r.

    It’s also a great way to get the tank moving… sometimes they vague out, and the party can’t do a ready check.. but if the healer & dps have all said r, the tank usually sprints off

    “y” sometimes get confused for why.. Why? I don’t know… If I am running or fighting, typing Yes is just two spells I could have and should ahve cast…

    bbk has had a few people confused to… ahh well, I’ll bbk later to explain that one
    Gnomeaggedon´s last blog ..The New LFG is NGE (Not Good Enough) My ComLuv Profile