Back into PvP Mode

When Patch 3.3.2 was released, it marked the beginning of Season 8 of Arena- which will also be the last season of the Wrath of the Lich King Expansion. It also gave me a new reason to start PvPing again, and more reason to kill Horde.

107k Honor in one day!

Since I am now on a new server, I will have to find myself a new Arena partner too! A guildie was looking for a Mage to do Arena with his Rogue- sounds like a pretty good 2v2 composition!

This also means I will be doing Battlegrounds regularly now for the PvP Daily, as well as collecting marks to turn in for more Honor. I’m just glad that I have enough Eye of Storm marks saved up that I won’t have to enter that BG unless it is the Daily. AB and WSG still remains as my favorite two BGs to play.

Dropping down that Pony Keg was a BAD idea!

I gotta go now! Have… to… farm… more… honor…

I’m going to put together some sort of Season 8 starter guide sometime in the near future so look forward to that. Look forward to more Arena Pictures too! I know a few of you have been bugging me to show off my MS Paint skillz.

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