Frost Mage PvE: High King Maulgar

High King Maulgar is the lord of the ogres of the Blade’s Edge Mountains of Outland, ruling from within Gruul’s Lair. His council consists of Kiggler the Crazed, Blindeye the Seer, Olm the Summoner and Krosh Firehand.” –

“The Bladespire clan was once among the weakest ogre clans, lacking the numbers of the Bloodmaul or the physical strength of the Boulderfist.

The birth of Maulgar changed their fate forever. Maulgar was stronger and hardier than any other ogre of his age, and his prowess in battle swiftly drew the attention of the previous high king.

The king demanded a demonstration of Maulgar’s might, and Maulgar granted it, snapping the king’s neck where he stood. This action shifted the balance of power from the Boulderfist to the Bladespire, and drew the attention of mighty Gruul himself.

Fanatically loyal to the gronn, Maulgar now serves as Gruul’s right hand and the guardian of the gronn lord’s lair. Maulgar surrounds himself with only the most powerful of his clan and leads these elite few into battle, commanding them to augment his tremendous fighting abilities with their potent magic. With such powerful allies at his side and the rest of the Bladespire clan at his command, Maulgar has become the most dangerous ogre in all of Outland.” –

High King Maulgar Stats:

  • Hit Points – 760,000
  • Tauntable

High King Maulgar Abilities:

  • Arcing Smash: Hits all targets in a cone in front of Maulgar, deals 5000 to 12000 damage on plate.
  • Whirlwind: Hits all nearby targets. Deals 7000 damage on plate. Slows Maulgar by 50%.
  • Mighty Blow: Knocks the target back and deals 6000 to 11000 damage on plate.
  • Berserker Charge: Charges a random player, knocking the player back and dealing some damage. Only cast when Maulgar’s health is below 50%.
  • Intimidating Roar: Incapacitates the main tank for 8 seconds, and fears all other players within 8 yards for 8 seconds. Only cast when Maulgar’s health is below 50%.
  • Flurry: Triggered once Maulgar reaches 50% health. Actually decreases his damage significantly but increases his attack speed.
  • Enrage: Enrages at 50% dropping his weapon decreasing his attack power but randomly charges at party members.

Kiggler the Crazed is the Shaman member of High King Maulgar’s council in Gruul’s Lair. I don’t know why he is considered a Shaman though, the only Shaman-esque spell that he cast is Lightning Bolt. Oh wells…

He is best tanked by ranged DPS since his Arcane Explosion does a lot of damage. Hunters, Mages, or Shamans can be used to tank. Moonkins are especially good at tanking Kiggler due to the fact that they are immuned to Polymorph in that form. Nature resist gear can help mitigate the damage he does. Lighting Bolt can be absorbed by Grounding Totems.

Kiggler the Crazed Stats:

  • Hit Points – 300,000
  • Mana Pool – 101,500

Kiggler the Crazed Abilities:

  • Arcane Explosion: Area of effect attack that deals 1750 to 2250 arcane damage to all targets within 30 yards. Also knocks all targets back and lowers threat.
  • Arcane Shock: Ranged damage spell that deals 657 to 843 arcane damage. Also interrupts spell casting and disarms for 5 seconds.
  • Greater Polymorph: Similar to the mage’s polymorph spell. Turns the target into a sheep for 10 seconds, regenerating health but preventing all actions. Undispellable.
  • Lightning Bolt: Ranged damage spell that deals 1488 to 2012 nature damage.

Blindeye the Seer is the Priest member of High King Maulgar’s council members in Gruul’s Lair. He has two very powerful heals, and they must be interrupted at all times. He is stunnable, and it is possible to keep him stun locked the entire time to prevent him from casting any heals.

His casts a shield on himself which prevents his spells from interrupted. The shield must be taken down as soon as possible (25,000 damage) before he gets a heal off. His melee attacks are fairly weak, and can be tanked by any melee class (even a Hunter’s pet).

Blindeye the Seer Stats:

  • Hit Points – 300,000
  • Mana Pool – 67,500

Blindeye the Seer Abilities:

  • Greater Power Word: Shield: Casts a protective shield on himself that absorbs 25,000 damage. Renders him immune to stuns and spell interrupts.
  • Prayer of Healing: Powerful healing spell that heals all ogres for 92500 to 107500 health. Four second cast, interruptible.
  • Heal: Single-target healing spell with unlimited range. Heals for 46250 to 53750 health.

Olm the Summoner is the Warlock member of High King Maulgar’s council members in Gruul’s Lair. A Warlock is needed in order to enslave Olm’s Felhunters. Olm the Summoner will actually be tanked by the enslaved Felhunters.

The enslaved Felhunters have the ability to remove the Dark Decay debuff that Olm puts on his main target. The Felhunters also have a taunt ability for when somebody in the raid accidentally pulls aggro. The Felhunters also do a good amount of damage, and can be used to DPS other Ogres once Olm the Summoner is dead.

Olm the Summoner Stats:

  • Hit Points – 300,000
  • Mana Pool – 101,500

Olm the Summoner Abilities:

  • Dark Decay: Stacking damage over time spell. Deals 500 shadow damage every 2 seconds per stack. Undispellable.
  • Summon Wild Felhunter: Summons a Wild Fel Stalker to his aid.
  • Death Coil: Deals 1750 to 2250 shadow damage, fears the the target for 3 seconds, and heals the caster for the amount of damage done.

Krosh Firehand is the Mage member of High King Maulgar’s council in Gruul’s Lair. Krosh Firehand will be tanked by a Mage due to a buff that Krosh casts on himself, that can be Spellstolen by the Mage. That buff is essential for the Mage to survive the close to 10k damage Fireballs which Krosh casts.

Krosh must be tanked away from the rest of the raid because if anyone gets close to him, he will cast Blastwave which does a lot of damage and slows the target. Krosh is immune to all spell slowing and spell interruption effects. Only ranged DPS should ever be doing damage to him.

Krosh Firehand Stats:

  • Hit Points – 300,000
  • Mana Pool – 101,500

Krosh Firehand Abilities:

  • Greater Fireball: Deals 8550 to 9450 fire damage, unresistable. 3 second cast.
  • Blast Wave: Deals 6013 to 6987 fire damage in a small radius around himself and slows those hit for 6 seconds.
  • Spell Shield: Shields himself from magic, reducing all damage taken by 75%.

Recommended DPS Consumables:

Anything to up your DPS is advised. Mana potions may be used if you find yourself running low on mana frequently.

Recommended Tanking Consumables:

Anything to help boost your hitpoints is advised. You will most likely be popping Healing Potions and Healthstones whenever your health gets low. You will need over 10k hitpoints and Spell Hit Capped for Arcane Spells. Fire resist gear does nothing to Krosh’s Fireballs.

Frost Mage DPS Overview:

  • Pet Friendly: Moderate
  • Cooldowns: No need to save your Ice Block and Cold Snap cooldowns

Your pet should not be taking any damage from any of the bosses during this encounter. However there maybe a chance that your pet may wander close to Krosh and get hit by a Blastwave, so keep an eye out.

The kill order is usually:

  • All on Blindeye the Seer
  • All on Olm the Summoner
  • Ranged on Krosh Firehand
  • Melee goes on Maulgar
  • Ranged on Kiggler the Crazed
  • All on High King Maulgar

Pop your cooldowns early, and as often as you can. No need to save any of your cooldowns. It is a long fight, and you might be able to use Cold Snap twice during the entire encounter.

Help to interrupt Blindeye’s Heals with Counterspell if needed, and keep your distance from Krosh the entire time. Follow the DPS order, until all adds are dead. Go all out on High King Maulgar, down him, and collect your loot.

Frost Mage Tanking Overview:

You will most likely be the one starting the encounter. Get at Frostbolt Maxed Range from Krosh along the right wall. When everyone in the raid is ready, put up Ice Barrier and Fire Ward. Give the raid a countdown from 5, and time it so when you say “1″ your Frostbolt is already flying towards Krosh.

All of the other adds will be picked up (hopefully) by their assigned tanks. You can tank where you are standing, or you can slowly back up to a safer spot. You will be free to summon your pet safely as long as you are outside of Krosh’s Blastwave range.

As soon as you initiate Aggro, keep an eye on his buffs. As soon as you see his Mana Shield buff on, Spellsteal it ASAP. The buff reduces damage taken by 75%. Without this buff you will die in two Fireballs from Krosh.

If your buff runs out, and he hasn’t recast it for you to steal it yet. Ice Barrier and Fire Ward up, and be prepared to eat a Healthstone and/or Healing potion. Make sure you Spellsteal the buff after you take the one Fireball to the face.

Keep doing that until the rest of the raid is ready to start DPS on Krosh. You will have build up enough threat by then, and the raid can go all out DPS on him. After Krosh is dead, follow the DPS order with the rest of the raid.

Mage Loots:

The shoulder piece for you Tier 4 set. Pick it up if you are a non-tailorer. It has two gem sockets (red and yellow) so you can gem it for Spell Damage and Spell Hit (if you still need) to get the socket bonus.

Cloak is really nice if you are already Spell Hit capped, and will last you until you replace them in Tempest Keep or Black Temple.

[Image and General Strategy used was taken from]

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