Frost Vrykul Form

So I finally started the quest line to open up the Sons of Hodir quest hub the other night. Is anyone else mesmerized by the “digital booty” of your character when you are in Frost Vrykul form? Or am I the only one? Whenever she’s running in this form, her butt waddles back and forth- much like the female Draenei. WTB and item which transforms you into a Frost Vrykul!

I’ve been on a “Do lots of Dailies” kick lately, and I blame it on the Argent Tournament. I got Champion of Stormwind a couple days ago, and now working on Exodar. It’s amazing how much gold you make if you’re not lazy and do dailies! I went from having around 40g on me at all times, to over 1.5k gold now.

My hate for doing quests is still there- it’s just more tolerable now. BTW, I went from neutral to Honored with Sons of Hodir in one day of questing and a set of dailies! Humans for the win!

Okay, maybe I’ve been staying up too late doing dailies. I did 23/25 quests for the last two nights, staying up really late and depriving myself of sleep. Now I wrote a post about the Frost Vrykul’s digital booty. I need to get my head out of the gutter. This picture will help:

Haha I still laugh every time I go through this zone in Storm Peak. Then I go through all my mounts to see how ridiculous it looks. Hahahahaaa….. I need sleep…

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  • Adlib said:

    Ha ha! I have to agree. When I hit this chain of quests on my druid, I laughed my butt off when I transformed into flight form! The frost vrykul just starts swimming through the air! It’s great! Freestyle, too, which I believe is different from all the other races.

  • magi said:

    LoL nah you’re not the only one impressed by the graphics of the uh… Vrykul model. I wish I could convert my Gnome Mage to a Draenei Mage.

  • Gnomeaggedon said:

    I haven’t been there yet… but I do love your mounted screenshot!

    Gnomeaggedons last blog post..I am a weak willed Gnome

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