Season 8 Arena: Week One

The first week of Arena with my new Rogue partner was very fun. It felt really good to participate in Arena matches again. All these feelings I’ve had the last time I arena’d are coming back to me- and I’ve missed them all.

The rush of ending a match only a few seconds into the match; the thrill of beating a composition you were having trouble with all night; pulling off a victory as the last man standing after your partner has died. Being angry at yourself for doing something stupid; forgetting to buff yourself and hoping your partner didn’t catch it; cheering on your partner to win the match after you died already.

Even the “pins and needles” sensation I get in my hands and arms after a close match. It feels great to do Arena again.

I’ve been away from competitive PvP for quite sometime, and I’ve pretty much had to learn to fight each class again. Learn to save my cooldowns for the correct time, and learned to save my Counterspells for just the right moment.

I had to learn what buffs some classes got, and what each spell animation looks like for whenever they pop a certain defensive ability. I’ve learned about the Hunter’s Deterrence ability the hard way. “WTF did he just deflect my Frostbolts!?!”

Our first week went fairly well. We were still learning how to play along with each other- learn each other’s play style. Also, I didn’t have a working mic, and my partner had to put up with playing with a mute Mage.

About 90% of our losses were against teams with a Hunter in it. For some reason, we just couldn’t win. They seem to cheat death like five times per match. Something for us to work on for the upcoming weeks.

We ended up with and .500 record and we stopped with a 657-ish rating for the week. Not bad for a new team with no communication.

Dear Blizzard,

Buff Mages.
Nerf Hunters.
Warriors are fine.

- Tuna

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  • Euripides said:

    Bah, hunters don’t need nerfing- we are terribly represented in everything but 5v5 :P
    .-= Euripides´s last blog ..Aaahhh, Poetry! =-.

  • JENerz said:

    Whoa! You like disappeared for like a month. Then I randomly check the site again, and theres a bunch of posts to read. Welcome back! Great to see you arenaing again. That means more stick figures!

    PS. I hate Hunters too!


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