36 Minute Arena Match

The beginning of all my Arena Sessions usually start with, “Let’s do our 10 games for the week!” That leads to, “Let’s keep Arena’ing til 7pm!” On good days it leads to, “Let’s get XXXX rating so we can get our next piece of gear! We’re so close!” Sometimes it ends up with, “OMG let’s get our rating back and quit!”

This week we’ve busy and couldn’t get any games in til Monday night- the night before ratings are calculated and points are given out. Apparently this is usually the time where some of the good players queue up to collect rating off scrubs (like us), and we ended up only getting 15 games in before I ran out of time and had to leave.

We started off the night with just trying to get our 10 games in for the week so we can get Arena points for the week. We had a pretty bad losing streak so we ended up playing more games so we can get our Rating back up to at least where it was. Well we gave ourselves til 7pm before we would stop, but we ran into a team that just wouldn’t let us stop at 7pm.

Over 1 Million Damage AND Outhealed the other Paladin!

My Rogue partner got wtfpwn’d by the two Paladins early in the game. Then they went after me. Thing is, they got over confident and the Holy Paladin decided that he didn’t need to heal anymore. I guess the Retribution Paladin didn’t think he would need to bubble either, and I got a few good crits and and killed him. Now it is just me and the Holy Paladin left.

It was a chess match with us trying to out-mana each other. A long, long, loooooooooooooong chess match. As the match went on, I got less and less help from my partner over vent too!

1 Minute In:

“He’s at 50% Mana, you’re running low, Sheep him and use Evocation!”

2 Minutes In:

“You’re running low on Mana again, try to get out of combat and drink up.”
“OMG he has water too! Go interrupt his drinking!”

5 Minutes In:

“He’s trying to rez!”

10 Minutes In:

“… be right back, I’m going to go get a drink…”

15 Minutes In:

“WTF the match isn’t over yet?! We better get like 100 Rating for this Match!”

20 Minutes In:

“Holy shit, you’re still fighting?!”
Me: “Yea I think he bubbled like three times…”
“Okay I’m gonna go do something, yell in vent when its over.”

35 Minutes In:

“… okay you should just text me or something when this is over or something.”

Man I really really really hate going 1 on 1 against healers. It is such a different fight. You stop looking at Health bar and all you look at is the Mana bar. I have save all my cooldowns and keep an eye on all my timers.

There was a few mistakes the Paladin made which led to me finally winning the match:

  • He blew a bubble thinking it would keep me from interrupting him from resurrecting his partner.
  • He buffed himself with Greater Blessing of Wisdom. Thanks!
  • He didn’t bring more water than me, and ran out. Mage FTW!
  • He chased me out in the open (not near middle grave or entrance) and couldn’t LOS Squirtle and my final bursts of damage at the end.

Good match Mr. Nomixus of team ROADHOUSE! Hopefully we won’t cross paths again, I don’t think I can handle another epic battle. This was longer than when I solo’d old Onyxia.

We ended with a 7-8 record for the 3rd week of Arena, with a 1343 Rating. I think we ended up losing 5 Rating from what we previously had last week.

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  • magi said:

    Nice job Tuna! Only 1 million damage in an arena match?! Stop slacking sheesh!

    I liked how that Pally was laughing at you during the fight. I hate players who do that. Makes them looks like a bigger douche when they lose, so thanks for making him look silly :)

  • Infinitus said:

    It’s really hard to run a holy pali oom, but if u ever need to drink but ure afraid of him drinking, summon ure pet as soon as ure out of combat and send him to attack the pali .. It will keep u off in combat and him on it .. But good job at winning :)


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