Gnomer Sites Prison Sentence and Makes Me Laugh

I had to take a trip back home last weekend for my mother’s and my sister’s birthday, so it was going to be an hour and a half train ride home. I packed a few clothes and downloaded the newest episode of the Twisted Nether Blogcast.

Bought my ticket, got on the train, found a seat, got comfortable, then started listening the the latest episode. Another great show!


The guest for the episode was Kim from World of Warcraft Wanderings. Her main is a Paladin, but she has a Frost Mage alt, so she is forgiven.

“Apparently there are no Mages in the Chatroom”

Although it was a great episode, there was a point where the topic of Mages came up, and Fimlys was trying to find out the buff which gives Mages an instant Pyroblast”.

“Hot Streak! It’s Hot Streak!!!!”, I was thinking to myself. “No not PoM Pyro!!! Arghh!”. Good thing I didn’t yell this out loud… I think that would of freaked out a lot of people on the train.

Now I have to make sure I make it to the next live recording to answer any Mage questions from the chatroom.

“Gnomer + Google Voice = Hilarious!”

Just when I thought the show was over, Fim plays a voicemail from everyone’s favorite Gnome. Apparently he didn’t have enough of the Twisted Nether from the episode before, and had to make an appearance again this episode. And again, he reminds me again why I shouldn’t taking anymore breaks. Thanks again Gnomer! I am now out of the woodwork.

Then Fim reads the translation which Google Voice came up with, and I just started busting out laughing. I’m pretty sure I got a lot of strange stares from the other passengers on the train, but it really was hilarious.

If you haven’t listened to it yet, go do it NOW! FIVE!

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  • Gnomeaggedon said:

    I like to think:
    “Gnomer +/- Google Voice = Hilarious!”

    But Google Voice certainly made a GoogledGnome out of me….

    Still… there is convict ancestry in my family (a badge of honor in Australia), so maybe the prison sentence isn’t that far off.

    I was in the chat room… but ummm… #Iblamesyrana for wanting to see my staff… that’s why I couldn’t remember what happens to make me press Q (yeah I like to QQ in the most explosive and damaging way)
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  • Sindora@aion said:

    Gnome + voice is really excellent! Thanks for sharing!
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