A Little Late but… Happy Holidays!

And a Happy New Years! Hope everyone stayed safe, and had a great year! Due to the time required for my body to purge the alcohol and other toxins out of my system, this post is just a tad late. Plus, after piss poor game the Eagles had yesterday, I think there won’t be much reason for “celebration” anytime soon. My liver gets to take a break.

Look what I found under my Christmas tree!

Overall, 2009 had been a great year. Going back through all my posts for 2009, there had been a lot of good stuff for the year. Here’s a quick recap of the cool things for me in 2009.

Soloing Onyxia

This was one of the coolest things I’ve done in WoW- and was a lot of fun! After seeing Faxmonkey pull this off, I HAD to give it a try. Although it only took me three attempts to succeed, at any moment, any slip-up could get you killed. I had to stay on my toes at every moment, and keep an eye on my Health/Mana bars while managing my cooldowns efficiently.

One thing I regret was that I was never able to go back and solo her again before Blizzard changed her into a level 80 raid. I wish I had Fraps the fight. Now I’ll never have that chance again…

Mages are Asshats

We can’t help it, it is written in our class DNA. Don’t fight the asshat-ness, just embrace it. I’m usually a nice Mage, hand out free food/water. I’ll portal people when they ask, and never charge. Then there are times where I just see a situation, and I just HAVE to do something.

It’s like when you first saw a group of penguins in Northrend all clumped together. If you didn’t have the urge to dismount and AoE, then you are not embracing your inner-mage. There should be some Mage initiation: AoE or Re-roll!

Rant rant rant!

These are some of the reasons why I go into Asshat mode sometimes. These are the annoy things I’ve come across in 2009.

A Few Intelligent Posts

Sometimes I surprise myself and post something intelligent and worth reading. Maybe I’ll use my brain a bit more in the year 2010…

Mage Buffs!

2009 was a good year for Mages. We got buffs in pretty much every tree, and Blizzard is doing a pretty good job of trying to make all three trees viable for all aspects of the game. Not quite there yet, but a step in the right direction.

Here’s to more good things to come in the year 2010. Cheers!

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