PTR Patch 3.2 Testing: Living Bomb

I went onto the PTR again to record a short video of the new Living Bomb in action. It was kind of cool as everyone kind of just stopped and watched as I displayed a nice little fireworks show for them.

What I’ve found, is how Mana efficient (yea you heard right) Living Bomb can be when there are multiple targets with Ignite ticking on them. Since Empowered Fire will also return ~65 Mana every time Ignite ticks with this upcoming patch, I never ran out of Mana while messing around on the Practice Dummies.

This doesn’t mean you can go Living Bomb crazy on trash. You don’t get Mana back if Ignite isn’t ticking. Ignite can’t tick if your targets are dead. Sure you will still do a ton of damage during trash mobs, but where it would really shine is on targets with a lot of Hit Points- Kologarn and his arms for example.

Here is a video of Living Bomb in action. It’s a shame I forgot to enable Mana gains on my User Interface to show how much Mana I was getting back.