A Few Things That Annoy Me

There are a few things that have been bothering me lately. I’ve been doing dailies again like a big boy- mainly because I want those Argent Tournament pets and mounts. The extra gold is a bonus. I’ve also been doing the Oracles quest since I already have the Frenzyheart Brew, now I can concentrate on the pets and mount.

While doing these dailies, I’ve ran into a few inconveniences along the way.

Sholazar Basin


Normally I don’t mind this tropical jungle scenery, but the trees keep getting in my way! Everywhere I fly in this area, I end up getting stuck in some tree. Auto fly from one pillar to the next? Nope, you’d get stuck in the trees. You would need to fly straight up for awhile to clear all the trees, fly to your destination, then fly back down. Even on the way down you could get stuck!

This quest guy right in this hut annoys the crap out of me. I know I COULD dismount and walk up the steps to get the quest from him, but NOOOO~ I gotta be stubborn and keep flying my mount into the side of the hut, frantically trying to click on him to recieve/turn in the quest. I turn the camera around til I get a clear view of him, then zoom all the way in. Stupid quest giver… go stand on the steps or something.


I don’t know about your server, but on Ner’zhul, I get massive lag whenever there is a Wintergrasp battle coming up. Dalaran will lag, Icecrown will lag, and Wintergrasp will be playing at about 4 fps. While waiting for the WG portal to open, people have the tendency to start AoEing for no reason at all too! Maybe I just need a new computer…


It always seems that whenever I’m doing the “At the Enemy’s Gate” or “Battle Before the Citadel” dailies, WG is going on, and I lag like crazy. I would end up getting killed by a Gargoyle after 10 minutes of jumping around spamming the “2″ key to throw my lance. Don’t even think about going after the Lieutenants or Commanders at this time, it’s not going to happen.



This wasn’t originally going to be in the post, but it just happened not too long ago so I decided to add it. When someone on your friend list deletes their character, changes their name, or transfers off the server, you get a nice little message from Blizzard saying that someone on your list is gone. Problem is, they don’t tell you WHO IT WAS!! Then for the rest of the day, you’re left wondering who it might have been. I STILL don’t know who left!

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  • Willie said:

    The lag in Dalaran, Icecrown, and Wintergrasp is a massive pain in the a$$, I have my 2 main toons stationed in Dalaran because I start with the fishing and cooking dailies there. Just logging in takes forever and then I may lockup and need to restart the computer or game. I have a high in Dell XPS gaming system and i get 1-4 FPS there, and damn it if I need to port in to there with my mage. Sunday I went there and was at 4 FPS and harddrive was grinding like hell, went into HVH with my guild and it was 21-35 FPS with no issue.

  • Cathy said:

    I often have the tree issue when flying around in the Basin while farming. Yup, I absolutely agree trees are annoying and sometimes I feel like a dope getting tangled up in them can’t get out hehe.

    I remember when Quel’Danas opened up and you couldn’t get near the vendor to look at the gear without clicking the enemy and getting in combat only to be tackled by guards.

    I suggest you go buy a very large swiss chocolate bar because chocolate makes everything better:)

    Cathys last blog post..My First WoW Embarrassing Moment

  • Prelimar said:

    so THAT’S why i’ve had horrendous lag problems in northrend lately! WINTERGRASP! now it all makes sense. of course, i probably need a new computer, too, but it seems that blizzard has acknowledged this is a widespread problem, even if there’s nothing they can do about it, sigh: http://www.wowinsider.com/2009/05/06/wintergrasp-lag-a-big-issue-after-patch-3-1/

  • Willie said:

    If chocolate would make it better i would eat a ton, Humm change that I eat that much anyway, lol!

  • Gnomeaggedon said:

    Add stupid zepplin bombing quest to your list.

    Fall through cracks in walk way or slip off zep and it’s a pain

    At least pre flying mount

  • Salandor said:

    - folling out of texture at the begining of Ulduar with the machines.
    - to quick respown of the Lieutenants (when u finaly ge to the comander the Lieutenants will respown and make your life hell:P)
    - after winingo/loosing WG extra massive lag like olways on anny computer you can have 6 year old comp or 2 minth comp and u will still get 4 fps.
    - and the Biggest pain in the $$$ is constantly Ulduar nerfs…. i hate it. things witch were a chalenge in 1-2 patch weeks no are easy like crap… couple more hot fixes nerfs and ulduar will be easy mode like naxx….
    - aa one thing left (good that i’ve done it) in eag easter week finding over 18lvl chars was a nightmare. i dont know like on your servers but on Ravenhold i was searching over 5h for stupid dwarf lady!!! i think no one on this server is plaing this char..

  • Jagger said:

    For the last annoyance, Missing Friends to the rescue.


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