Getting a Head Start in Wintergrasp

Here is a small trick to give you a head start in the battle for Wintergrasp. Not only can you just get one of the dailies out of the way, you can also be one of the first players to pilot a ground vehicle in battle.

All you have to do is to fly into the Wintergrasp Zone before the battle begins. Anytime with less than 5 minutes til battle is a good time. Grab the dailies in the zone, and head towards one of the bridges towards the south towers.

You will see a two Horde NPCs fighting two Alliance NPCs. Help your faction’s guard out and kill the opposing NPC. (No Mercy for the Merciless) Horde Players: 1/10. Notice you will also be promoted to Corporal, and be given the ability to pilot catapults. Too bad you lose that promotion right away.

You can get the quest done before the battle even begins. Now you will want to be the first player to get their catapult driving license. The trick is, to wait by the bridge, near one of your faction’s would be factories, and right when the battle starts, kill the NPC, and you will be promoted to Corporal.

Since the battle is active, this time you will keep your promotion, and you can go to the factory, and charge into battle with the first catapult. You’ll be in your new ride, while players are still zoning in from Dalaran.

You will now have a head start at taking down the Fortress walls if you are attacking, or head start on taking down the lower towers if you are defending.

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  • Cathy said:

    I’ve tried Wintersgrasp a few times and just can’t get into it. I usually just end up lagged out and dying on a dime. I think Wintergrasp was just not quite what I thought it would be. My husband really enjoys doing it and perhaps if I wasn’t quite so lagged towards the end of the time, I would enjoy it a little more.

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  • Tuna (Author) said:

    Yea I lag like crazy also whenever there is a Wintergrasp battle. Which is why I now try to go in early and get the 10 Kills out of the way before hand. Before I would join a raid in Dalaran, zone in, and sometimes not finish the quest because I’m moving at 1 fps, and the rest of the raid can’t get the 10 kills for me.


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