PTR: Patch 2.4.3 – New Bags

I copied my Mage over to the Public Test Realms last night, and it finally copied over today. Wanted to see first hand some of the new stuff that was coming out.

One of the new items I was looking forward to was an upgrade to my inventory space. Patch 2.4.3 will give us 22 Slot Bags, and a 28 Slot Herb Bag. Both will free up some much needed space on my character.

["Gigantique" Bag]

This bag can be purchased off of the NPC located in the Tavern in Shattrath named, Haris Pilton. For the small price of 1200 gold, it can be yours! Also, it is not Unique-Equipped, so you may have several of these as long as you keep dancing naked on the Ironforge mailbox to keep the money coming in.

Guess it is time for me to start doing my daily quests again. Just when I was thinking about maybe purchasing that Sunwell title for 1000 gold, Blizz has gone ahead and gave me more reason to save my gold.

[Mycah's Botanical Bag]

In order to purchase the recipe to make this bag, you must have a Revered reputation with Sporeggar. The cost for the pattern? 25 of those glowing mushroom things you find all over Zangamarsh. Now you can finally have a 28 Slot Bag just like the other professions who already have them. However the mats for one of these bags can get pretty pricey: [Pattern: Mycah's Botanical Bag]

Some more Patch 2.4.3 PTR goodies coming soon.

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  • Terryhogan said:

    Wow, thanks for the scoop! The price tag is a bit rough, but doable. Any chance you can link of the other stuff (Shades/rings) if you think they will be useful? I’m a fairly new reader, but enjoy all your stratgy posts, and even though I play a holy pally, I enjoy all your frost-mage tips.

  • Tuna (Author) said:

    All the other items are just there for pure looks. The shades looks exactly like the shades the NPC is wearing, and the rings are just there for players who Role Play or would like to buy their significant other a nice expensive in-game present.

    They have no stats or bonuses.

  • Terryhogan said:

    Cool, tyvm for the heads up. I need to start doing dailies to have money for a couple of those, really not a bad deal considering the 20 slot mooncloth bags seem to cost more than the 1200g after mats and labor. Thanks again!

  • Philip said:

    Good points you’ve made. I will be back to read more again!


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