Ever Been Compelled to Buy Something After Watching a Series?

A couple of weeks ago, I bought a new external hard drive because I was running low space from downloading- acquiring Anime off of the interwebs. Anyways, I figured I would just have an external hard drive dedicated to just Anime, movies, and shows that I watch. Plus I can just hook up the hard drive to my XBox360 and watch it on the big screen TV!

So for the past few weeks, I’ve been organizing my Anime, and even taking stuff that I’ve burned on DVDs long ago. There were a couple of series that I’ve burned, and never got a chance to re-watch them because I didn’t feel like going through my spindles of DVDs to find them. A few good series like Samurai Champloo, Lucky Star, and Haruhi. I’ve pretty much watched all my old favorite series again all last week.

Opening Theme for Beck

Then I re-watched Beck, an old Anime I watched back in my school days. It was an Anime about music, and about a rock band. This show along with a new series I’m watching, K-ON, another music Anime, have made me more and more wanting to buy a guitar.