Sakura Confirmed for Street Fighter 4

The home console version that is. Kotaku has found an image of a Japanese article which confirmed that the Japanese school girl will join the Street Fighter IV rosters.

The Street Fighter 4 Arcade has been out for quite some time now in Japan, and in a few selected locations in the United States, and I have been eagerly waiting to get my hands on the game. I’ve been hoping for a few characters would make the roster, and it looks like my top choice has made it to the game.

Sakura first appeared in Street Fighter Alpha 2, where she had begun to participate in street fighting after watching Ryu win the first World Warrior tournament. She was searching for him and wished for him to train her to be a better fighter.

She met up with many interesting people along the way, and eventually came across Ryu, who was still stressed over the Satsui no Hadou that had corrupted him—he told her he could not train her as he still had much to learn himself. He sparred with her for a bit and as he began to leave, she took a picture of him to remember him by.”


Here is a look at the trailer for Sakura which was played during the Tokyo Game Show (TGS), which took place October 5th through the 15th.