Argent Tournament: How to Cheat at Jousting

Since I’ve been in the mood to do dailies lately, the Argent Tournament area is where I visit most frequent now. I even have my hearth stone set there (also a short flight to Ulduar from there). The dailies there are fairly simple, and pretty fun in my opinion. Jousting is one of my favorite dailies because it is pretty easy, and can be done quickly.

Yet, I still see players having some difficulties with them. Maybe it is due to lag issues, or maybe they haven’t mastered the “jump and spin 180 degrees” technique yet. Good thing there is an easy way out for you guys, and it is real simple: Grab a DPS buddy.

Step 1: Find a DPS Buddy

Any DPS should be fine, but ranged DPS is preferred since the rider you are jousting will be moving a lot. They will be attacking the rider on foot, while you are jousting on your mount. Another Mage friend perhaps, and you can return the favor if needed.

Step 2: Break the Shields

After starting the jousting duel, make sure you break all their shields, and keep breaking them. Each shield reduces all incoming attacks by 30% and stacks 3 times. With all shields down, a Mage can hit the rider for over 3k for each Frostbolt cast, over 6k for each crit. That beats using [Thrust] every so often while jousting.

Step 3: Win!

Each duel won’t last long, and you will be done in no time. Remember breaking the shields is very important. Strafe away from the rider to get into [Shield Breaker] range if you have to. The less time the riders have their shields up, the faster they die.

For those of you who don’t want the easy way out, the key to victory is to learn the “jump and spin 180 degrees” technique.

[Shield Breaker] > [Charge] > [Jump Technique] > [Shield Breaker]

But it is so much easier with a Mage buddy!

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  • Sprink of Archimonde said:

    I’ve found the best way to beat the opponents soloing is to start with full shields (duh ^_^). Then, trigger the fight while standing behind them. As they run forward, spam charge until you do. As you run past, swing yourself around and do the shield breaker move. Then, close in and thrust until they start to run away. Make sure you keep your shields up, refreshing as needed. When they run away, spam charge until you do, then repeat the above steps. VICTORY! ^_^

    Sprink of Archimondes last blog post..Noobness

  • jewell said:

    You certainly raised a good point there.

  • cheating said:

    A really well explained point, thanks for sharing.