Attention Mages: Calm Down About Spirit!


To: Raiding Mages
From: Tuna
RE: Calm the $#@^ down about Spirit!

Again, with my current gear, unbuffed, and only Rank 1 Student of the Mind, I’m at 517 Spirit. 7 pieces of my gear have Spirit on them (including 2 pieces T7.5), 10 pieces of the rest of my gear, have zero Spirit. 15.57 of that Spirit I got for being an Awesome Human.

The “Spirit Gear” that I have are all legit DPS Caster gear that any Mage would take, and are easily obtainable. If I wanted to, I could get more Spirit by replacing my Purple Gems with [Purified Twilight Opal]. With Rank 3 Student of the Mind, I’m at 557 Spirit.

A lot of Mages have less, 400 or even 300 Spirit total. Remember, you are a Raiding Mage, you will get RAID BUFFS! You get 80 Spirit from Divine Spirit, 51.8 Spirit from Improved Mark of the Wild, and 10% more Spirit from Improved Blessing of Kings.

Also remember, this is only in our current gear. Spirit isn’t going anywhere, and will continue to be in our Caster DPS gear. Think about how much Spirit you will have in Ulduar gear, or even way further into the expansion with Icecrown gear. Are you still going to complain when you’ll have close to +10% crit with the new Molten Armor in Icecrown gear?

To: PvP Mages
From: Tuna
RE: Molten Armor for PvP?

Okay I’m not the most qualified person to speak on PvP, but don’t you use Mage Armor against Spell Damage classes and Ice Armor against Physical Damage classes? That’s what I do anyways.

Yes Molten Armor can be used for PvP, the reduced chance to get critically hit by 5% is nice, and the offensive crit bonus is good too. But it doesn’t keep players away from you like Ice Armor does, or help reduced Magical debuffs on you by 50% like Mage Armor does.

I only use Molten Armor when I am able to hide in the back and pew pew without being targeted much. Even so, those sneaky Rogues always make their way around and get you. Then you’d wish you had Ice Armor on instead.

To: Soloing and Leveling Mages
From: Tuna
RE: OMGz L2Play Srsly!

Come on, you leveled from 1 to 61 with out this armor just fine! Leveling from 61 to 80 isn’t going to be harder with the new Molten Armor. You’re probably using Mage Armor anyways to reduced down time while grinding levels anyways right?

Also if you are a level 80 Mage and are doing dailies or farming, the mobs you kill die in a few spells anyways regardless of crits. If you find yourself having problems killing mobs after you lose 3% crit, then you have other problems to fix.

To: Group/Dungeon Mages
From: Tuna
RE: You won’t even notice…

If your Mage only do 5 Man instances and the occasional 10 Man raids, you’re not going to notice much difference. Trash mobs will still die in the same amount of time while your AoEing, and you will notice little to no differences in single targets. Actually, you might have more Spirit than some raiding Mages with the gear you’ve picked up in 5/10 Man instances.

Your Utguarde Keep run isn’t going to fail because you lost 2% crit because of the Molten Armor change.


I can understand why Blizzard is taking away some of our crits from buffs (Imp. Scorch/Winter’s Chill), currently in raids we are crit alot. I’m getting 60% – 70% crit rates as Fire, and 70% – 80% crit rate as Frost! At this rate, we’ll be close to 100% crit rate by the time we get all geared out in the last Icecrown raid.

You have to understand that Molten Armor isn’t getting nerfed, it is being rebalanced to scale. Spirit went from being worth nothing, to being worth something. Having a scaling crit buff is a plus. Having Spirit be a useful stat is another plus.

When looking at gear now, do you look at Stamina and base your gear decision on it? Nope, you’ll look at Spell Power, Crit, and Hit. Maybe you’ll have more health or not, it doesn’t matter. You’ll do the same thing if the new Molten Armor change goes live. You might have a little bit more crit or not.

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  • krizzlybear said:


    I just feel dumb for avoiding spirit gear like the plague. I’m at a measly 100-ish after buffs, it’s quite sad.

    As for levelling, I’m not so much worried about the molten armor change, but rather mana regeneration. Efficient levellers minimize drinking by letting their O5SR regen some mana while running between quest objectives. Drinking mechanics will probably either need to be changed to scale with lower levels, or simply readjust the numbers on drinks offered. Levelling being as easy at it is makes this a moot point in some ways, but it will probably be a pain on newer players. And that means less people rolling mages >.<

    krizzlybears last blog post..TRAINS! IN MY ZELDA! YES!

  • Dynasor said:

    It takes 550 Spirit to get 3% crit from your molten Armor with the new changes. To get 10% would require over 1800 Spirit. Most mages, even Arcane mages, barely have the 550 they need to keep this from being a nerf now, so suggesting that they will be able to more than triple that amount through only 2 tier levels of content seems highly inaccurate to me. You also didn’t mention the change to the Glyph of Molten Armor. Instead of a flat 2% crit increase, it is now 15% of your spirit as additional crit rating. If you have the 550 Spirit needed to bring Molten Armor up to the current 3%, your glyph will only grant 1.8% additional on top of that. The complaint is very simple….instead of making the Spirit we’ve already had to take and carry on our gear useful to us, they made us dependent on Spirit and made it so that what we have already isn’t nearly enough.

  • Tuna (Author) said:

    10% was just an exaggeration, but it still isn’t going to be unattainable. To break even with our current Molten Armor + Glyph, you would need 574 Spirit. If you are a raiding Mage, that number shouldn’t be hard to get, and you should have close to that with your gear + raid buffs.

    That picture I posted up top is me in my current gear with 3/3 Student of the Mind, with raid buffs. I’m at 747 Spirit, which gives me 6.5% crit, which is more than what the current Molten Armor is giving me.

    1800 Spirit would give you 15.68% crit. 10% crit would require 1147.75 Spirit. Do I see myself getting close to 1000 Spirit with raid buffs, in 2-3 Tier levels of gear? Yea I do.

    We won’t be dependent on Spirit. We won’t be actively seeking Spirit gear. We’ll continue to grab gear based on solely Spell Power, Hit, Crit, and Haste. Spirit, like Stamina, will just be something we grab along the way.

  • Dynasor said:

    My numbers were on Molten Armor alone, not including the bonus from the glyph, because your statement seemed to indicate that you thought Molten Armor alone giving 10% would be attainable. In any case, they’ve fixed both the armor and the glyph now.