Why I Hate Children’s Week

Normally I look forward to this in-game event. Every year for Children’s Week usually meant a new pet I can get. Before this year’s event, I already had all three of the Vanilla WoW Children’s Week pets, and two of the three Burning Crusade ones.


This year I even got the third and last pet, and got my “Veteran Nanny” Achievement! It so happens that Achievements is also the main cause for my new found hatred for this holiday event.

Luckily for us Mages, we don’t have any problems at all doing any of the Children’s Week quests. Go to Darnasus Bank? 10 second cast. Wanna go see Jaina Proudmore? 10 second cast. Oh you wanna come along too? That will be 10g.

Bad Example

This achievement wouldn’t be too bad if it weren’t for the inflation of the cost of some low level items. The price of [Small Egg] on my server? 65g for 8 of them. [Mageroyal]? 10g… a piece!

Well if you can’t beat’em, join’em! I went to Westfall and farmed some eggs for about 10 minutes, and made out with 16 of them. I made my [Delicious Chocolate Cake] with 8 of them, and sold the rest of the eggs for 60g.

See what you have made me become Blizzard!?

School of Hard Knocks

This achievement is the most hated achievement for this event by pretty much every player. Not only did this make most battleground games a joke, it made many players frustrated.

WSG games ended up with 10 players staying in their own base, waiting for the opposing team to come pick up the flag so they could return it. AB games started with everyone running to Stables/Farm when the gates open, then queuing out if they didn’t get the capture. EotS games had everyone ignoring towers, and camping the middle flag area.

Also you gotta love the idea around this achievement. Hey little kid, see me kill that guy to return the flag he stolen? That’s probably how you became an orphan! That guy’s kid is probably an orphan like you now! Yay you’ll have new friends!

Thank you Blizzard!

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  • krizzlybear said:

    “Hey little kid, see me kill that guy to return the flag he stolen? That’s probably how you became an orphan! That guy’s kid is probably an orphan like you now! Yay you’ll have new friends!”


    Poor kid. Seriously, this made me feel sad for some reason haha.

    krizzlybears last blog post..Better a Month Late Than Never

  • Cathy said:

    Well Childrens Week has certainly been beneficial for me. I began a toon on a new server so with the lack of gold it was sweet to see items like “small eggs” were getting me 1g each. I’ll have to keep an eye on other items to build my nestegg for my mounts:)

    I haven’t done anything on my main yet for Childrens Week. I’ll have to check it out.

    Cathys last blog post..

  • Stephi said:


    Haha omg, hit the nail on the head with this one Tuna. School of Hard Knocks just encourages people to be a$$hats to one another, more so than usual. Because you HAVE to be the one to cap/attack instead of assisting, you know, like how healers normally get credit for things.

    Though I think Once an Orphan would have been a better choice, I think the biggest reason they took THAT achievement out was because it depended on the other players having their orphan out. If it was combined with School of Hard Knocks, that could work, but I guess that’s just too “easy”.

    Urg. I got my achievement. I won’t be doing it on any of my other toons, that’s for damn sure. I really dislike the PvP achievements /sigh.

    Unless its crashing the party in Orgimmar… that’s fun XD


  • Sprink of Archimonde said:

    I totally agree with the PvP achievement hate. It’s probably the only part of this holiday I’m not going to do. Besides, Matron Sprink doesn’t sound as cool as Sprink of the Shattered Sun. ^_^

    It wouldn’t surprise me at all if the Blizz finally gave in to the QQs and took this one out of the meta.

    Sprink of Archimondes last blog post..Halls of Lightning: Heroic, Round One

  • T-Sonn said:


    I’m totally feeling the pain here. I LOATHE PvP, except WG, which isn’t really. And I’m totally through trying.

    T-Sonns last blog post..Preaching to the Choir – why seasonal PvP achievements were a VERY bad idea