Soul Eater – 4

Invoking Witch Hunting! ~Heart Pounding Extra Lessons in the Graveyard?~

The fourth episode of Soul Eater begins the main storyline of the anime. Our Meisters and Weapons are starting classes today at the Shinigami Technicians Vocational School. One of the teachers is missing, and there are rumors going around that he has turned into a zombie, and is going around attacking students.


The episode starts off with Maka and Soul fighting Rasputin. Maka and Soul easiliy defeat him and takes his soul. The next scene shows Soul sleeping and Maka making breakfast. Soul’s alarm goes of and he quickly knocks it away. Then Blair shows up and wakes Soul up in her own way. Just as this is going on, Maka comes in to tell Soul that breakfast is ready, and sees Blair on Soul. She unleashes her fury on Soul and sends him out the window.

Maka and Soul are at school and waiting for their teacher to show up. Soul tells Maka about the rumors that are going around about their missing teacher Sid. A teacher shows up, but it is Maka’s Father, Death Scythe, and he tells everyone that he is subbing in for the day. He then tells Maka and Soul that Shinigami-sama would like to talk to them. On their way to see Shinigami-sama, they run into Black Star and Tsubaki. They too have been summoned to see Shinigami-sama.

When they talk to Shinigami-sama, he tells them that they are required to take Extra Lessons (supplementary classes for failing students). When asked why they need to be taking Extra Lessons, Shinigami-sama tells them it is because they have a total of zero souls collected. Maka, Soul and Tsubaki gets real depressed when they heard that, and Black Star is just laughing about it (which resulted in a Shinigami Chop).

Shinigami-sama tells them that the rumors that they have been hearing are true, and for their Extra Lesson, they must defeat Sid and the person who turned Sid into a zombie. He then tells them that if they fail this mission, they will be expelled.

The four of them go off to Hook Cemetary where Sid is supposed to be at. The wait for awhile and Soul begins to get impatient because if Sid doesn’t show up, they will all be expelled. All of a sudden Maka gets attacked from below the ground. It is their formor teacher, Sid. They battle back and forth pretty evenly and when Sid does one of his special attacks, Maka dodges just in time.

Maka and Soul decided to try something they have been working on. By tuning in onto Soul’s frequency, Maka unlocks Soul’s potential and transforms Soul into a bigger and more powerful Scythe called, Witch Hunter. Everyone is shocked to see Maka and Soul using this technique (even Shinigami-sama who is watching from his mirror tv thingy).

However Maka is still unable to control this power and slips, nearly killing Black Star in the process. They argue amoungst themselves while Sid is still stunned by this powerful technique.

The battle continues, but this time Sid burrows underground to attack from below. This is where Black Star steps in to show everyone what he is made of. He uses a technique called Trap Star, and goes into a deep concentration to find out when Sid is going to attack. Black Star sense Sid’s presence right befor he makes his attack, and manages to capture Sid with Black Trap. Not only did he manage to capture Sid, but he managed to capture Maka as well in the process. Now to take out the person who turned Sid into a zombie.

Shinigami-sama wasn’t the only one watching the fight from his mirror. His son, Death the Kid was watching with him, and it is revealed that Death Scythe’s (Maka’s father) Meister before he became Shinigami-sama’s Weapon was Maka’s mother. But before Death Scythe became a weapon for Maka’s mother, his original Meister was Dr. Franken Stein.


The preview shows our four heroes fighting with the person responsible for turning Sid into a zombie, Dr. Franken Stein.


Blair wants to have more screen time~

I thought the animation quality was going to drop now that the prologues were out of the way and the main storyline has started. I was wrong. They have kept the animation quality the same, and did a real good job with every fight scene.

The music soundtrack is awesome! I really need to find the soundtrack to this anime. Anyone know where I can find? :)

I really enjoy the chemistry between Soul and Black Star. It is really funny whenever they put those two knuckle-heads together. This episode also shows that Maka and Soul has a lot of potential to become very powerful, and I will be looking forward to that in the future. Also, we need more Blair. That is all.

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  • Gahlok said:

    :O You watch anime too! I’m waiting for Rumbel to release the forth episode before I watch it; do you see the raws?

  • Gahlok said:

    Sorry for the double post :P This is my Anime List

  • Tuna (Author) said:

    Yea I watch the raws and put my 4+ semesters of Japanese in College to good use ^_^

    Not as up to date as but here is mine

  • Gahlok said:

    Yeah, I have over 500 podcasts about learning japanese but I’ve only heard three or so… kinda lazy over there, but I want to go to Japan once in my life (at least) and spend there min six months.

    By the way, I totally skipped what you wrote about Soul Eater’s episode so it doesn’t get spoiled on my side :P Rumbel has yet to release it (they are kinda slow but oh well). I’m guessing you watch the uncut version as well?

  • Tuna (Author) said:

    Yes I do watch the uncut as well when it comes out. Though I haven’t seen any huge differences between the two versions yet. Only things are the different previews, and after the OP song, the sponsors page is different.

    I too would love to spend some time in Japan at least once in my life.

    Rumbel is one of the better subbers for Soul Eater, but if you don’t mind some rough translations, Tadashi is pretty quick to get out an episode.

  • said:

    Visit my Soul Eater Fan site. ^^

  • Kotsengkuba said:

    I have just started watching Bleach Manga and currently watching the Bounto (Bounts) Arc. I wonder if the anime is getting updated as much as the manga.

    Kotsengkubas last blog post..EB na’to!!!

  • cyndel said:

    lindas fotos
    son geniales
    me encanta cuando maka casi corta a la mitad a
    Blac Star con el cazabrujas.
    pero es mejor cuando se emfrenta con misquito usando el cazademonios
    bueno adios
    tienes un gran gusto sige asi

  • rozariuu said:

    me gustaron las fotos ^^ :3 porzi : agregen el msn los ke sepan español o français(france) agregen : (Y)


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