PTR Patch 3.3 Testing: 20k Deep Freezes

Copied my Mage over to the Public Test Realm, and also copied some pre-made Mages over as well. Holy Crap! 20,000 damage Deep Freezes! That is only self buffed too! If you just add another 13% Damage increase from only Curse of Elements, you’re looking at 22.6k Deep Freeze!

The character I used was the pre-made Mage, who had 5/5 Heroic Tier 9, and had all the right gems and enchants. He had 2788 Spell Power, 29.73% Critical Strike Rating, and 500 Haste Rating. That was including [Flask of the Frost Wyrm].

The DPS I was able to produce on Dr. Boom from full health to death? 4002 DPS. Remember that this is only self buffed, without Glyphs, and most importantly, without a Water Elemental. Caught up to Fire or Arcane yet? Not quite there yet, but I’m liking it. I’m still waiting for the [Glyph of Eternal Water] to work on PTR to see how well our Water Elementals do.

Deep Freeze

Deep Freeze was hitting on average for more than a Frostbolt crit. The average hit was for 9,200 damage, and the average crit was around 19,700 damage- with my highest crit at 20,032 damage.

The play style for Frost PvE went from Frostbolt spamming while timing your cooldowns, to a style similar to Fireball Spec- a more reactive play style, but with a pet! Since your pet is permanent this time, you’ll have less cooldowns to manage! There is another difference to the Fireball’s nuke>nuke>big nuke though. Pyroblast doesnt have a cooldown.

Deep Freeze has a 30 second cooldown, which prevents you from taking advantage of the many Fingers of Frost procs you will be getting. There must be a way to fix that…

[Glyph of Deep Freeze], seriously, who needs a 46 yard Deep Freeze? Even in PvP, you won’t be using this Glyph. What if we change it so that it reduces the cooldown on your Deep Freeze by- let’s see… how does 20 seconds sound? Or even 15 seconds. How about, when Deep Freeze deals damage, it refreshes the cooldown on the spell? Just a thought.

Frozen Core

Frozen Core has been reverted back to the current state, removing the Haste buff you get after an Ice Lance crit. This puts an end to having “Shatter Combos” for Frost PvE.

We all pretty much knew this change was not going to remain. It was too powerful for PvP and wasn’t a big enough buff for PvE. Plus we were running into Global Cooldown issues with Frost.

Water Elemental

Like I said earlier, the Glyph isn’t testable on PTR yet, so there is no telling how much and how long our frosty pet can DPS. Hopefully with the next PTR Build, I get to mess around with Squirtle.

Speaking of Squirtle… when we get a permanent pet, will we get to name it?! I call “Squirtle”!

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  • Willie said:

    What build are you using in the test? Can you list it?

  • Tuna (Author) said:

    This was Patch 3.3 – PTR Build 10676

    I was actually still the Ice Lance Spec from my last post because my character was logged out in Netherstorm and I didn’t bother to go back and respec out of Frozen Core.

    If I were to respec to accommodate for the new changes, I think I would go with this spec, to take points away from Spell Impact and move it into Student of the Mind.

  • magi said:

    Wow, I didn’t realize how big of a buff Deep Freeze was when I first read about it on mmochampion. They listed the spell doing only about 1400-1700 damage. I didn’t expect that to mean 9000!! Will I finally be able to switch back to Frost!? I really hope so!

  • Willie said:

    Yea, I was frost from 10-80 and changed to FF build for raiding due to the DPS. Now I am Arcane/FF build and would love to go back to frost.