WTB New Casting Animations

This is something I have been wanting for the longest time. I’ve been playing my Mage now for a good deal of time. I even had the same looking Mage in the World of Warcraft Beta. Ever since level 20 or so, I’ve always wanted some different casting animations. I am sick of seeing the same two casting animations over and over again.

Boring Female Human casting animation.

I wanted some variety in my casting animations. With a Human Female Mage as my character, she would charge up a Frostbolt in her left hand out in front of her body, then fire it off 2.5 seconds later. To me, it didn’t look like she was putting any power into her spells, like how Gnomes cast their spells. Still it left the other hand unused, and looked inefficient when chaincasting.

Slightly better Gnome casting animation.

What I was thinking for a chaincasting situation, maybe after the finish casting with one hand, the character would start charging the next spell in their other hand, and it would alternate hands as long as you continue chaincasting.

I was tempted to make a Female Blood Elf Mage after taking this picture.

For Arcane Explosion and maybe Blast Wave, I was thinking of something like when the Incredible Hulk lets out a roar and bits and pieces of rock goes flying out. It would be better than the current “raise your hand in the air” animation we have.

Or better yet, how bout they actually use their weapons when they cast? What good is a caster staff or main-hand if it just hangs on your back or the side of your waist?

Just having the weapon in your hand already makes the animation look better!

For channeling spells like Blizzard, holding a staff or weapon in the air while calling down shards of ice from the air would look a whole lot better.

Or maybe have it so that when we cast a spell, that it actually fires from our weapons. More like the Archmage from Warcraft III, or Gandalf from Lord of the Rings.

BAM! Headshot!

Ok maybe not like the above picture, but you know what I’m talking about. Have it so that you charge the spell with your weapon, then point your weapon towards your target and fire off your spell.

Speaking of Gandalf, you know the scene in Lord of the Rings where he fights the Balrog? The scene where he says, “You shall not pass!”, then slams his staff into the ground.

That would be a great animation to use for Frost Nova or Blast Wave. Again, it would be better than the “raise your hand in the air” animation we see now.

I know Blizzard is trying to add “Purely cosmetic” stuff like new hair cuts and stuff. New casting animations should be added too. I’m sure that I am not the only person who would like this. Or maybe I am, and I have been playing way too much DBZ: Burst Limit on the Xbox360. Either way, WTB new casting animations!

I take it back, this animation would work for me!

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  • Aurdon said:

    …I wish I could get WoW Model Viewer to work. I’ve tried everything…always a Runtime error as soon as it launches.

  • megan said:

    Agreed, HU female animations make me cry.

  • Valdesta said:

    LOL Humans have the worst dance, too :)

    Although the Undead female dance is pretty boring, I’ll admit.

    I like the fact that Orcs seem to be left handed – or at least, my Orc Rogue is.

    I’m not sure about the casting!

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  • gnomeaggedon said:

    Yeah I too would love some animations…

    Apart from watching your toon running everywhere, the only other thing you ever watch is casting or “using”.

    I mentioned on my blog the other day that Gnomes should pull out a box of bolts and construct a mechanostrider rather than summoning it from thin air… give me a wrench and I will give you a ride in 20 seconds.

  • Solira said:

    lol the shooting animation would look cool with arcane missiles! I agree the staff actually being involved in the casting animation would make sense really, this could apply to all casters. The current blood elf animation for a channelling spell looks cool, wish humans had something similar.

  • Drynne said:

    I love the idea of the spell generating from your staff. It may not look right if you’re holding a sword/dagger though.

    I agree…need new animations!

  • Lin [ EG ] said:

    I actually like the female casting animations for humans — I went to playing a female human from a female night elf. What’s with pulling their leg up and scrunching in to cast?

    But you’re right. It does get tiring after a while. I would love to make more use of my weapon than having it hang off my back/waist…

    However, I’m not sure how well the “You shall not pass!” animation would work if you’re moving while casting Frost Nova/Blast Wave.

    [ By the way, the Head Shot picture made me giggle. A good bit too. ]

  • Tuna (Author) said:

    @ Lin

    Hmm… maybe if the animation is quick, like a Warrior’s Thunderclap or Tauren’s Stomp. Or maybe use the “roar” animation.

  • Yavrukurt said:

    I am starting to think there is a major graphic bug… when you hit Z instantaneously before you cast, you will do the casting animation with your weapons out. However, you will put your weapons back after you finish channeling the spell, and the finishing animation of casting will be of your fist(s) above your head, or whatever.

    But, if you hit Z immediately before an instacast spell, it will do the finishing animation with your weapons out also. You will raise them above your head.

    That said, I didn’t bash the staff through my head. It seems as though Blizzard has carefully planned the casting animations so that your staff won’t go through any of the models, your head, your cloak, or anything else.

  • Blade said:

    Hey toughs are great pictures I love the last one and the first headshot made me laugh great work!


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