New Upgrade: Cowl of the Illidari High Lord

Shredder of the Foot Clan

I was the last caster in the raid to finally grab the [Cowl of the Illidari High Lord], so when it dropped, I was the only person who needed it. So I was able to get the helm for the minimal amount of DKP.

Not a huge upgrade over the T6 Helm, but it’s an upgrade, and I would take any gear that offers a boost in my DPS. To a certain degree of course (I wouldn’t have taken this helm over a caster who had a sub T6 helm).

The new helm with enchant and gems, is an increase of 7 Spell Damage, 8 Spell Hit, and 18 Spell Critical Strike ratings. Not bad at all. Plus it looks baddass! The best part of having this helm however isn’t the stats, it is the gem sockets.

The Meta Gem of choice for most Mages is the [Chaotic Skyfire Diamond]. The gem requirement of having 2 x Blue Gems is usually one of the hardest choices a Mage makes when socketing their gear.

We normally ignore our socket bonuses (lawl 3 intellect or 3 spell crit), and gem any slot with +9 or +12 Spell Damage gems. With the addition to Haste Gems, getting the socket bonus is much easier, but still, we normally don’t go out of our way to get the socket bonus unless it was for +5 Spell Damage or better.

What this new helm gives is a blue socket, and a socket bonus of +5 Spell Damage. Perfect! Another plus to having the the blue gem on your helm is, no matter what set of gear you use, you already have half of the gem requirement for the meta gem at all times.

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  • TXSundevil said:

    Awesome! Congrats! Just started reading your blog about 2 weeks ago…I’m hooked…you saved me from my concerns about staying frost…very happy to see your new gear!

  • Aurdon said:

    Man you are looking pointy as of late.

  • Zupa said:


    you do look very shredder-like now :)

    What will be your choice for the blue socket?

  • Tuna (Author) said:

    @ Zupa

    I used the 6 Spell Damage / 7 Stamina gem. It was either that or the 5 Spell Haste / 6 Stamina gem, but the 6 Spell Damage was slightly better for me (1 Haste = 1.16 Damage for me).


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