Bleach in Widescreen

Bleach has also followed along with Naruto and converted to a widescreen format. Most new anime being aired are in the widescreen format, so it was about time that Bleach also upgraded.

Starting from Episode 168, Bleach will be aired in the widescreen format along with a new opening and ending theme song. The previous episode was the conclusion of the battle between Ichigo and Grimmjow (whatcha know ’bout Grimmjow Jaegerjaques?). So they chose Episode 168 to upgrade their format and to start a new…

FILLER ARC! /sigh…

Right in the middle of the Heuco Mundo Arc, they randomly plop a filler arc: The New Captain Shuusuke Amagai Arc. He is the new Captain of the 3rd Division in Soul Society, replacing the former Captain, Ichimaru Gin, who left with Aizen and betrayed Soul Society.


The new opening theme song is CHU-BURA by KELUN. The new opening gives off the summer vibe featuring the some of the Bleach cast hanging out at the beach. Also shown in the intro are some new characters. A new young female character and some crazy ninja looking guy. Maybe Bleach will follow some of Naruto’s filler plot formulas?

Naruto Filler Checklist:

  • new character to protect
  • new villian in the form of a crazy ninja
  • bring back old supporting characters
  • introduce new events which leaves plot holes in the original story
  • attempt to fill in those holes, or phase them out (why are those three dolls from the Bount Arc still around?)
  • curry of life

So far it looks like this filler arc won’t be as bad as any Naruto filler, but it is still a filler…

The new ending theme song is Orange by Lil’B.

Filler episodes makes Orihime a sad panda…

Oh wells… at least we have a bunch of new anime series to keep any Bleach fans busy while they are airing filler episodes.

Some series I recommend:

  • Soul Eater
  • Kurenai
  • CODE Geass: R2
  • One Piece

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  • gordon said:

    dropped bleach anime long ago. doesn’t like the arrancar arc at all. only read the manga now. the manga is finally getting interesting with the soul society back stories. ^^

  • Kevin said:

    Yeah, the back stories are really interesting. I keep waiting for Isshin to make an appearance.

  • Itachigo said:

    LOL @ Curry of Life. The Naruto fillers were the biggest waste of time ever. After that episode, I completely stopped watching until Shippuuden came out, and kept myself busy with the Manga.

    The throwing the filler arc in the middle of the Hueco Mundo Arc came out of nowhere, but the same with Bleach, I will be keeping myself busy with the Manga. These back stories are pretty interesting.

    And WHY do they keep those three dolls around in the Bleach anime?!

  • Marcie said:


  • Zanpakutou said:

    Though I might say this anime or manga has so much similarities with Yu Yu Hakusho (Ghost Fighter), I’ve just started watching Bleach Manga and is currently on my way around the Bounto saga.

    Zanpakutous last blog post..Bleach Season 1: Agent of the Shinigami

  • MiNaTooN_YabaTaTSi said:

    What ending is this?


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