New Upgrade: The Turning Tide

I haven’t done one of these posts in awhile since there wasn’t any gear worth mentioning, but this one deserves one. The current best in slot weapon for Mages (and a few other casters) is in my possession. Plus it looks pretty damn cool too!

[The Turning Tide] drops off of Kel’Thuzad, the final boss in Naxxramas, and it only drops in the Heroic 25 Man version.

What I replaced was my [Staff of Restraint], and as you can see, the Turning Tide by itself is already a big upgrade. An increase of 59 Spell Power and 48 Haste Rating, for the cost of 31 Critical Strike Rating. That’s not even adding in an Off-Hand yet.

My choice of Off-Hand is the [Surplus Limb] which dropped off of Patchwerk for me, but also has a chance to drop off of Gluth.

This Main-Hand/Off-Hand combo together gives me a total of: 585 Spell Power, 37 Critical Strike Rating, 89 Haste Rating, and 32 Hit Rating. Slap on the Might Spellpower enchant for an additional 63 Spell Power.

Much like last expansion’s [Nathrezim Mindblade], I don’t see me replacing this Main-Hand for quite some time.

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  • Mae said:

    That sword is awesome!! Frankly, I’d really like to be able to use swords. I am happy to be able to use Maces, though. I suppose it’s a matter of trading one for the other, but with some of the sweet swords out there, I admit to having the slightest bit of envy from time to time. Congrats on the nice item.

    Maes last blog post..A second chance

  • Tuna (Author) said:

    Thanks! It is one of the few weapons that I think look cool too. Now I need an Off-Hand that matches the rest of my gear… belt too.

    How are things on the Dark Side? Ready to trade in your Mace for a Sword again yet?

  • Zuggy said:

    Congrats, Tuna! Well deserved, I’m sure. A friend of mine got the turning tide a few weeks ago in a pug on his alt mage (he plays a druid as his main) and he went nuts when he won the roll.

    It looks amazing.

    Zuggys last blog post..New Fishing Daily Quests

  • Serena said:

    damn u…


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