PTR: Patch 2.4.3 – New Loot Cards

I never had the urge to buy and play the WoW: Trading Card Game. Sure it looks fun, and I want to try it someday, but I’m not willing to spend any money on it. At least for now. I have always envied those players in game with all these crazy items which you could only receive through the WoW:TCG.

I have always wanted my own Turtle Mount, or Spectral Tiger Mount, but I didn’t think it was worth it to spend money on the cards for a “chance” to get receive a loot card.

Well in the next Patch 2.4.3, will include some more loot card items for me to drool over. Urge to spend money to buy cards rising… Too bad I am currently broke though. There goes that plan.

Sexy Mummy Outfit

[Path of Illidan]

Activating this item will make your character leave a trail of fire. It looks pretty much the same as when I activate my Skull of Guldan trinket.


This item is pretty cool. It drops a big Disco Ball in the middle of the floor, and has a spinning disco lights, as well as some music to go along with it. Anyone who clicks on the Disco Ball will start also start dancing with the music. A good way to cheer up the raid after many failed attempts on a new boss.

[Soul-Trader Beacon]

This is probably one of the best item so far. It summons a Consortium dude for you which will sell you items. But he doesn’t want your gold, he sells them for essences. How do you obtain these essences? You keep him out like a non-combatant pet, and whenever you kill anything which would yield you exp (or honor?), he will syphon some essence from their dead body. After you have enough, you can start purchasing items from him.

How much do loot cards go for now on ebay? Maybe I should just buy myself a Turtle mount.

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  • isheepthings said:

    I would be a bit more inclined to like the Soul-Trader set if it would transform you to look “exactly” like an Ethereal. Blizzard did that back in Diablo II for collecting some set that turned you into a “Cryptlord” I believe. I would rather see the cost of those items combined into at least maybe a trinket that morphed you instead…

  • TV Series Forum : said:

    disco lights that uses laser effects are the best thing that you can buy, much better if you can those hologram generators:~*


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