New Upgrade: Heart of the Pit

After waiting patiently for Brutallus to drop a few times, and letting the Shadow Priests get first dibs on their best Off-Hand (according to, I finally got mine. It wasn’t a HUGE upgrade for me, so I had no problems waiting. But now, I have my very own [Heart of the Pit].

My [Chronicle of Dark Secrets] has served me for a long time. It dropped from Rage Winterchill, and lasted me all of Mount Hyjal, Black Temple, and up until now. Time to retire you old friend, you’ve served me well. So how does my new Off-Hand compare to my old one?

Well I lost 3 Spell Damage, 23 Spell Crit, and 17 Spell Hit. What I gained was 32 Spell Haste, more Stamina and Intellect. According to Lhivera’s Calculator, 1 Spell Crit = .69 Damage, and 1 Spell Haste = 1.17 Damage. I am still Hit Capped after the lost of 17 Spell Hit so that doesn’t matter.

Summary: I lost 18.87 Damage, and gained 37.44 Damage, which is an increase of 18.57 Damage. Not a bad trade off at all.

I am now also at 221 Spell Haste Rating, which is an increase in Spell Casting Speed by 14%. Now my Frostbolts fire at 2.19 seconds per cast, and 1.67 seconds per cast with IV + Trinket. Good deal.

Another cool thing about the Off-Hand is that the heart actually pulses and glows each time it does. It looks pretty awesome too.

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