New Upgrade: Amulet of Unfettered Magics

I got a new neck piece last night in the Sunwell Plateau raid. The neck piece that I replaced was the [The Sun King's Talisman] which is a quest reward which starts from turning in the [Verdant Sphere] which Kael’thas drops when you defeat him at Tempest Keep. That neck piece lasted me all of Mount Hyjal, all of Black Temple, and until now in Sunwell. Another good piece of gear retired.

My new neck is the [Amulet of Unfettered Magics] which drops from the Eredar Twins, the fourth boss(es) in the Sunwell Plateau. I lose 2 Spell Damage and a bit of Spell Crit with the neck piece, but gain a ton of Spell Haste. A pretty big upgrade for me.

Now my passive Spell Haste rating is at 273, which is a 17% Spell Haste, and it brings my Frostbolts down to 2.13 second casts. 2 second Frostbolts don’t look too far off anymore now. With Trinket + IV, my Frostbolts are at 1.61 second casts.

Also during this raid, one of the other Mage respeced Deep Frost, and we both had 3/3 Frostbite (15% chance to Freeze target), and man it was a total critfest for us. The trashmobs are snareable and could be frozen, so we were getting a lot of Frostbite procs, and a lot of Shatter crits. Winter’s Chill was up much quicker too. It has been awhile since I raided with another Deep Frost Mage, and it was fun.

Just think of the damage output with two (or more) Deep Frost Mages, if Winter’s Grasp were to come out in WotLK.  WTB Winter’s Grasp nao!

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  • Nick S said:

    mmm tasty necklace.

    i often ordered (yes, ordered) one of the other mages in my guild to spec frostbite (against my winter’s chill) so we could blow trash up a bit more rapidly.


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