New Upgrade: Leggings of Calamity

Finally some love for casters this week. Pretty much every piece of caster loot that we needed this week, dropped for us, and I happened to get one of them. The [Leggings of Calamity] dropped off of Brutallus, and I was able to snatch them up. For a hefty price of course. These were only the second pair that ever dropped for us, and the first one dropped over a month and a half ago.

These leggings were a huge upgrade for me, even bigger than the [Sunflare], which drops from Kil’jaeden. The leggings I had before was the [Leggings of Channeled Elements], and for the loss of 18 Spell Hit (I am still over the Spell Hit cap), I gained stats all across the board.

I put a [Runic Spellthread] on these pants, and gemmed it with 2 x [Runed Crimson Spinel] and 1 x [Quick Lionseye].

This also pushed my Spell Haste to 310 or 19.7% increased casting speed, giving me a 2.09 sec Frostbolt. Soon I will be able to break under 2 second Frostbolts.

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  • Wizz said:


    Gz on the awsome legs.

    got a question, the last picture where a lot of data is shown about your frostbolt, is that from an addon, and if it is, what is it called?

    Thx for at great blog, am learning alot about mages :-)

  • Tuna (Author) said:

    The mod I use to show all that information is called “Dr. Damage”.


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