Tier 6 Complete!

Another great Tuesday raid. Had a few trouble with the trash mobs that are in the Sunwell Plateau, the raid went well. Took out the first four bosses in Sunwell again in one night. This time, we will have two full raid days of attempts on the Eredar Twins!

I also managed to get my last piece of Tier 6, my [Belt of Tempest]. 8/8 Tier 6 w00t! Now I am at 174 Spell Haste, which brings my Frostbolts down to 2.25 seconds. Not bad at all :) I am now also way over the Spell Hit cap for Frost Mages, with no gear to swap out. Hmm… what to do, what to do…?

Brutallus also dropped [Heart of the Pit], but a Shadow Priest won them over me. Next time they’re mine hopefully.

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