One Day of the Midsummer Fire Festival

I just came back not too long ago from my little vacation, just in time to enjoy a nice holiday. Good way to ease myself back into normal mode from vacation mode. It was the Fourth of July, and I have already done some grilling earlier in the day so I decided to sign onto WoW to let everyone know I’m still alive.

Illustration done by Breathing

What is with all the flames all around the city?! Uh oh… *checks calender* I’m about to miss an entire World Event!! It is the last day of the Midsummer Fire Festival Event! *checks achievements* Looks like I have a lot of running to do!


I had already did most of the flames from the year before, but thankfully I can still do them again this year, since I will be needing the [Burning Blossom] to purchase the outfits needed for the Burning Hot Pole Dance achievement.

I already had the [Vestment of Summer] from last year, so I still needed 300 x [Burning Blossom] for the other 2 pieces to make up the set.

There wasn’t as much PvPing going like there was last year from what I remember. Probably because it is the last day of the event and everyone has already done the achievements. I did have a problem getting out of Booty Bay though. Seems that all the guards in the city are all sleeping, and players are just having a free for all there.

The rest of the flames including all the Horde capital ones were fairly easy to get. Traveling time was cut down with teleports (Mages FTW!)

A Visit from Megs!

This was a boring achievement to be honest. Running around from one area to the next to hit up all the flames was seriously putting me to sleep. At about 2hrs into my journey, I received a whisper from a baby Draenei Paladin.

It was real nice of Megs to take a break from grilling to visit my server to say hi. She may be done with blogging, but it is good to see her still running around Azeroth.

With an encouraging, “Run Forrest, Run” from Megs, I was able to fight off the sleepiness and get the three Flame Achievements. Thanks Megs! Awesome choice for a name too!


No Ahune for me this year. There was nobody online that would run it with me, and I couldn’t queue myself into LFG Slave Pens since my level was too high. Oh wells, no chance at the pet for me this year. Good thing I’ve already had the achievement to kill him done from last year. Still, I would have liked to get the pet and sick looking staff.

And the Rest

I had around 350 x [Burning Blossom] when I was done. Should I finish the achievements, or buy the pet?! I already had the Brazier from last year, and had planned to get the pet this year. Stupid achievement messed up my plans.

I bought the 2 missing set pieces for 300 Blossoms, and danced around the fire pole for 60 seconds and got the Burning Hot Pole Dance achievement.

I then bought 15 x [Juggling Torch], and teleported to Dalaran. Yay lag! Good thing I have my handy dandy [The Schools of Arcane Magic - Mastery] from the Higher Learning achievement, and teleported to the lag-free secret room in Dalaran.

Torch Juggler achievement completed, which also completed The Flame Warden achievement!

Two weeks worth of the Midsummer Fire Festival all done in 3hrs! Not too bad :)

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  • zupa said:

    WB !

    Yours was the first blog I ever read, and it makes me sad when I think you have stopped. Not that I can really talk with my lack of regularity.

    Anyway I’m glad to see something from you pop up in my reader again :)

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