Soul Eater – 9

Legend of the Holy Sword ~Kid and Black Star’s Great Adventure?~

Now presenting, Episode 9. With Soul being nursed back to health, Kid and Black Star go off on thier own little adventure after the legendary sword: Excalibur.



The episode begins with Soul having a nightmare. These nightmares he have been having are due to the fight with Chrona and Ragnarok, and Soul fears that him and Maka may end up being fused together like how Chrona and Ragnarok are. Medusa watches quietly from the shadows, seeing how Ragnarok’s blood will infect Soul.


Black Star has been punished by Sid for slacking on obtaining souls for Tsubaki. For his punishment, Black Star is to clean up the library and put away all the books left lying around. Of course Black Star keeps on slacking and ends up reading some Manga he found. Kid comes in looking for a book. They find a book about the legendary sword: Excalibur.

“He who pulls out the sword, releasing it from its earthly prison, shall be forever praised as a hero.” Hearing this makes Black Star even more interested. And after hearing how Dr. Stein has even failed to obtain this sword, makes Kid and Black Star want to accept this challenge.


Kid and Black Star go off in search of this sword. The arrive at the entrance to the cave where the sword is located. Kid runs into a slight problem as the cave entrance is knee-deep in water, and he has a problem of getting dirty. Black Star ends up having to carry Kid keeping him out of the water, while Kid holds an umbrella keeping water from dripping on them from the top.

They run into a fairy, and when asked if she knew anything about Excalibur, she let them know how she felt about it.

They finally reached their destination, and Black Star was able to easily take the sword out. Shocked by this, Kid demanded that Black Star put the sword back and let him try. Kid too was able to pull the sword out, and Excalibur revealed his true form. He ended up being a goofy looking doggy type thing…


After spending a few minutes with Excalibur, Kid and Black Star figured why Dr. Stein was unable to obtain Excalibur, it was probably because he couldn’t bare to put up with Excalibur. Excalibur ended up being a really annoying, and very weird person. Kid and Black Star couldn’t stand it anymore and put Excalibur back where they found him and left.

On their way out, they met the same fairy again. She asked them if they found Excalibur. Their expressions let her know that they have.

Back at school some time later, Soul has been released from the Nurse’s office and is feeling better. Both Black Star and Kid also agreed that they both have really good partners (compared to what they would have to deal with if they had Excalibur). However, it seemed that there are rumors going around school about Black Star and Kid. Maka seemed to have found the source of it and shows them. Looks like they haven’t got rid of Excalibur yet…



Next episode focuses mainly on Tsubaki and Black Star. It shows Black Star fighting another swordsman in the preview. Looks like there will still be some “Black Star” humor in the episode as well.


Yay Tsubaki finally gets more screen time next episode!

Now we know who that prancing dog with the cane in the opening credits is. According to Dr. Stein, he actually is a very powerful sword, if you can deal with him. So we’ll see how he’ll fit into the series later on. We have seen how well Black Star and Soul works together, and now we’ve seen how Kid and Black Star are together. Black Star is becoming more and more as my favorite character. He is just too funny. Next episode we’ll be seeing more of him as it will be about him and Tsubaki. I can’t wait.

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