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Another must-have mod for Mages: Decursive. For raiding Mages, this is an extremely useful tool for encounters where Mages have to remove curses off of the raid members inflicted. The mod will give you a visual display that represents everyone in the raid, and when someone is inflicted with a curse, their box will light up red, and you just simply click to remove the curse. Sounds simple? It really is.

When you install the mod, the first thing you will notice is a small little semi-translucent box on your screen. That little box represent your character. If you join a party of four other players, the number of boxes will increase to five, one for each party member (including yourself). The first box at the top left will always be your box. If a party member happens to have a pet, another box will be added. Same thing when you are in a raid, one box for each player or pet. This makes it a whole lot easier to decurse raid members that are out of the same group.

If you hover your mouse a little above the box that represents you, you will notice a tiny square appear. If you right-click that box, it will bring up the option menu for the Decursive mod. If you want to move you group of little boxes, hold [alt] and left-click that tiny square and drag it to a location of your choice.

25 Raiders + 3 Pets

The mod will work without the need of any configuration. Once you move the box to where you want, then you are ready to go. Let see what happens when someone gets a curse.

The default setting is that when someone is inflicted with a Curse, their box will turn red. You will also notice that their is also a timer in that red box that counts up. That number represents how long the Curse has been on that person. This is useful for when there are many curses in the raid, and you want to decurse players who have been inflicted with the curse the longest, and work your way to the next person. It is also very useful for the Kalecgos fight in the Sunwell Plateau, but we’ll talk about that some other time.

Another thing you will notice is that above your group of boxes, a list will appear showing the name of the person inflicted. This is called the “Live List“ An icon of the curse will be to the left of the name of the person inflicted, and underneath the name will be the name of the curse. This is helpful for when you need to prioritize curses only on certain classes. For example, if you are on a boss encounter that puts a curse on the raid which reduces healing done, well if a curse pops up and you see a Rogue’s name, you will know not to waste your mana and Global Cooldown decursing that person since they won’t be doing much healing.

So when you see that red box lite up, what do you do? You left click the box, and the mod will auto-cast Remove Lesser Curse on that target. Is that it? Yep! On decurse intensive fights, you will find yourself staring at your group of boxes playing “whack-a-mole”, and your raid will love you for it.

That’s not all! What do you do when a raid member gets Mind Controlled by a mob? Normally we would Frost Nova + Shatter Combo (or AP + PoM Pyro if you are not Frost) them and laugh at their dead body. Well what do you do when the Raid gets serious and killing raid members is now frowned upon?

When a raid member gets Mind Controlled, their box will turn yellow in your decursive box. So what can a Mage do to remove Mind Control? We can remove it, but what we can do is prevent any harm from that raid member. By right-clicking the yellow box, the mod will cast Polymorph on that target, preventing that person from killing raid members or fearing the raid (which could easily lead to wipes). The MC’d player will appreciate you for turning him into a cute little turtle instead of killing him.

As for menu options, you can change the color that comes up for curses and mind control, and change the transparency setting of the boxes. You can change the size of the boxes or the layout of the boxes. You can also choose to get rid of the “Live List” that comes up if you want. I personally left my settings as default and never had any problems with it. I guess if your are a different class with a lot more stuff to dispel, you would want to tweak your settings a bit.

You can download Decursive at: Curse.com

So if you are a Mage, or any class with dispelling abilities, go download Decursive. Install it. Learn it. Love it.

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  • ichibahn said:

    I agree with this mod being extremely important for any raiding Mages. This mod is so useful with decursing and can make the difference in sucessfuly downing a boss or not.

    Nice write-up on this mod.

  • Bobyboucher said:

    I know this is realy old mod and we all shoudl have it but since I have just entered SWP I am now noticing the dire need to have the counter on the boxes and for soem reason my decursive does not have it enabled and for the life of me cannot find how to enable it!

    If you know how I dissabled it or how to enable the countre on the curse PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!!!

  • Tuna (Author) said:

    For me, they were automatically enabled when I downloaded the newest version of Decursive. Make sure you have the newest version, and I’ll have a look in-game to see if there are any options to enable/disable the counter.

    Use: /dcr MicroFrameOpt

    There will be an option to turn on/off the Chrono, which is the timer. Hope this helps!

  • aion kinah said:

    I never know that theres mod like this.. and i agree with ichilbahn in decursing and raids. I heard it from others that this kind of mod excist and thanks for your post.. everything is cleared!

  • Kandi Kreul said:

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  • tripod dolly said:

    Nice contribution. Thanks. Keep up the good work here.