Tuna and the Fire Festival

The Midsummer Fire Festival is going on in the World of Warcraft. It began on June 21st and will continue until July 5th. When I came back from my weekend away from the ‘puter, I had no idea what was going on when I logged on with fires burning all over the place.

There were a lot of new events which were pretty fun. I don’t think last year’s Fire Festival had any at all. Fire Throwing, Fire catching (which was a pain in the butt), and dowsing/honoring of flames all throughout the world.

Fire Throwing was easy once I put the torch where my Ice Lance key was. Fire Catching took me several attempts. It made it easier when I changed the camera to point directly down, zoomed all the way out, and all I did was chase shadows. The usual lag will sometimes mess me up.

Why go through all of this? For me was for the dancing draenei statue, which was for 350 Burning Blossoms (the Fire Festival Currency). Each of the dailies I believe gave 10 Burning Blossoms. Each fire you honor was 5, and each fire you destroyed was 10. The fires in the opposing faction’s 4 capitals were 25 each.

Me and my Priest friend (and arena partner on her Warlock) began going around Outland honoring each Alliance fire, and putting out each Horde fire. Then I read up on, A Dwarf Priest’s website all about the locations of all the fires and we began with Undercity.

Undercity was actually super easy to get. I thought it was going to be actually underground in the middle somewhere, but it was right by the entrance. No horde trouble there.

Next was Silvermoon City. I’ve never been anywhere past Zul’Aman, so the Blood Elf area was all new to me. We ran around for a bit, stopping at each fire we saw. I stopped at each group of level 20ish Blood Elf npc’s that were sitting around a campfire, and AoE’d them. I dunno why, but I HAD to, maybe it’s a Mage thing. We made it to the city, it looked like I was in the SunwellPlateau. We mounted straight through, except I got netted by the giant robot, then got dazed/stun. Luckily there was no Horde around, and I managed to kill them all with the help and heals from my partner in crime. We found the bonfire, put it out, and left without further complications.

Ogrimmar… we were joined by a guildie Mage who has done these on his Pally already, so he knew where to go. We were all mounted up near the entrance to Ogrimmar and charged in. There were a bunch of Horde dueling outside while we rode into the city. I saw a Mage just lose a duel, I didn’t see what class he lost to, but it was unacceptable. A quick Fireblast to the face taught him not to lose ever again. His horde friends weren’t amused though (thought I know they were all laughing inside), and chased me into the city. I promptly died moments later. The Spirit Rezzer was way way way far from the city. It was a long hike back, so I tried avoiding anymore Horde from now on. The bonfire for Ogrimmar was pretty far into the city and I died a good 4-5 times total, but I finally put it out.

Last was Thunder Bluff, there were barely any horde resistance. They chased us all the way to the fire, but didn’t jump after me after I put out the fire and slow falled off the mountain. All four cities accomplished.

It took a good 4-5 hours of running all around Azeroth, but I made like 500+ gold and got enough tickets for my [Brazier of Dancing Flames]. I’ll go for the pet next year, cause I don’t think I’ll have another 350 blossoms for it this year.

[Picture up top from Fanart Page on WoW's Website]

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  • Euripedes said:

    It’s so true, the AoE thing.

    You see a large group of enemies, and your first thought is “Lerooooooy Jeeeenkiiins!”

    At least, that’s my first thought.